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beat mode music making videos

Like to watch videos with tips on using music software and synths?

Or watching amazing musicians performing live on video? Or maybe you’re into the videos with tutorials on music gear and recording…. well you’ll have fun watching all the great videos showcased on the new Beat Mode Videos page!

I’ll be featuring channels on Youtube that have at least 12 really good videos that would be of interest to those of us who dig making music.

Discover amazing videos you may not have run into on your own like this one from Eyal Amir.

Check out this amazing video with Jordan Rudess and Project RNL

Videos like this Omnisphere 2 Tour from the PluginGuru are featured on our videos page.

> Check out the Featured Youtube Channels HERE

You’ll find the latest videos from these featured stellar channels (and more to be added) so make sure to bookmark the Beat Mode Videos page – it’s always got something new and exciting!

Also – if you know of a really good Youtube channel with  at least 12 videos about music making – please let me know so I can add it! Or – if there is a really good video you think Beat Mode people would be interested in – let me know! Your input will make this a better site – so please – send me a message using the Beat Mode Contact Form

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