VHS Crosstalk New Sounds from Virtual Flannel for the Elektron Analog Rytm

vhs crosstalk elektron analog rytm beatmode

Elektron is spooked by the samples on their new sound pack VHS Crosstalk for the Analog Rytm.

Experience a variety of bleeding, interfering and harrowingly magnetic sounds from the VHS era. All samples were processed and mastered on 1/2-inch magnetic tape using home VHS recorder equipment.

Watch the clverly produced video VHS Crosstalk Sound pack for Analog Rytm on youtube

VHS Crosstalk contains a selection of samples, optimized for use on the Analog Rytm (though the samples will also work on an Octatrack or a Machinedrum UW). The bundle also includes a custom Analog Rytm project featuring patterns, kits and live-friendly scene and performance macros. All content has been created by Virtual Flannel and Elektron.

Too bad the samples are only 16 bit.

VHS Crosstalk is cheap though at around 16 US Dollars.

VHS Crosstalk features

1 Project
16 Patterns
16 Kits (featuring scene and performance macros)
100 samples (16 bit / 48 kHz / mono)
Total sample size: 36.1 MB
Including: 10 bass, 4 Tape recordings, 7 claps, 2 cymbals, 5 fx, 6 hihats, 14 kicks, 5 percussion, 2 Rhodes, 1 Rimshot, 3 Snares and 41 synths.

Listen to the audio demos of the 16 bit sound pack VHS Crosstalk on Soundcloud

More info on VHS Crosstalk

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Amazon Image
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