Vector X Volume 3 for Kontakt by Synth Magic

Kontakt Vector X 3 Synth Magic

Synth Magic has just released Vector X Volume 3 for Kontakt 5.2.1 and higher

Vector X Volume 3 for Kontakt custom instrument is based on the legendary Sequential Circuits Prophet VS with 2.5 GB of sample content with 150+ presets.

Haunting Prophet pads, Shifting vectors, textures, lots of presets and MULTIs and Arpeggiator sections. Intro price offered before July 14th.

“This volume is aimed at providing more lush Sequential VS pads and strings, slow evolving vector sounds that shift around, Ambient drifts, Spacey atmosphere sounds, Leads, Bell tones, complex vector sounds.

2.5GB of totally new and unique Prophet VS waveforms (compressed to 2GB using NI’s lossless compression) and 150+ presets, including 60 MULTI’s. Many of the MULTI’s will allow for you to hold a chord and all this other stuff just happens and evolves, creating dramatic moods and atmosphere.”

You can get Vector Vol. 3 at a special introductory price HERE

Watch the Vector X Volume III video on Youtube

VECTOR X Volume 3

“Comprising a totally new collection of custom waveforms created on our real Prophet VS and sampled. Vector X volume 3 provides more Prophet VS textures, haunting pads, atmospheres, arpeggios, leads etc.
Vector X volume 3 is a custom instrument for Native Instruments Kontak 5.2.1 and higher featuring a huge library of sounds and samples from our very own Prophet VS here at Synth Magic.

2.5 GB of Prophet VS samples designed to be a perfect compliment to Vector Volume 1 and 2: Many great presets have been made including 60+ MULTIS that evolve and twist as you simply hold a chord

Vector X’s custom user interface, designed by saintjohnbaxter, allows for quick and easy access to all waveforms, plus an arpeggiator, full effects section, mono modes and a full modulation section, complete with even more controls for expression and controlling LFOs with aftertouch etc.

Vector X volume 3 includes beautful haunting sequential pads and strings, slow evolving textures, Atmospheres, Shifting vector sounds and many more. A powerful collection of unique Prophet VS sounds in their own right which also compliment Volume 1 and 2.”

More info on Vector X Vol. 1 and 2

Listen to audio demos of Vector X Vol. 3 on Soundcloud

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Amazon Image
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