Should you update to Windows 10?

steinberg windows 10 beat mode

Are you being too anxious about upgrading to Windows 10?

Unfortunately the new operating system from Microsoft still causes problems for a lot of software including Cubase and Nuendo so Steinberg recommends NOT upgrading to Windows 10 quite yet.

Here is their statement with links to their knowledgebase article.

“We would like to inform you about the results of our compatibility tests around Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10.

While many Steinberg products have successfully been tested under Windows 10, such as WaveLab, our VST instruments and our audio interfaces running in ASIO mode, others, unfortunately, still cause problems when run on the new operating system by Microsoft. We recommend users notably of our DAWs, Cubase and Nuendo, not to update for the time being as this may lead to an increase in audio drop-outs and MIDI timing issues. We also have recognized incompatibilities when using Apple QuickTime and the Steinberg EuCon adapter, and audio interfaces won’t operate reliably in WDM audio mode either. Our engineers are examining the problems and evaluating possible solutions for affected customers. We shall immediately inform you as soon as we know more.

We’ve published a Knowledge Base article that gives a daily updated overview of Steinberg products that run smoothly under Windows. Please check the article’s included chart for current information on product compatibility.”

Windows 10 Product Compatibility (as of July 30th 2015).


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