Ulrich Schnauss Featured Music on Beat Mode

Beat Mode Featured Music from Ulrich Schnauss

It’s time again to recommend some incredible new music!

It wasn’t too long ago that I first ran into the music of Ulrich Schnauss. The music of Ulrich Schnauss has a unique sound. It’s hard to classify it, but “that sound” is on everything he touches.

What was so amazing for me was that it turned out Ulrich Schnauss had a broad and deep catalog of music beyond the stuff he did himself. He was a talented musician and composer, but also a remixer that worksd on some incredible projects. All of them sound like Ulrich Schnauss.

Here is a playlist on Spotify showcasing some of his best work.

Ulrich Schnauss Spotify Playlist

If you want more it will be easy to discover all his great work on Spotify or elsewhere. Just search for Ulrich Schnauss and you’ll come up with a lot of great stuff.

Ulrich Schnauss has such a unique sound I was very curious what instruments and techniques he was using. As it turns out he has videos where he shows his studio and even explains how he uses the gear.

Watch the video Ulrich Schnauss Gear Tour Future Music 2014 on youtube

Watch the video Studio Tour Ulrich Schnauss on Youtube

If you like to own your music you can grab all of the Ulrich Schnauss tracks on Amazon

Amazon Image

I hope you enjoy all the great music as much as I do!

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