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Looking for a royalty free collection for Traktor?

Then you will want to check out Tech Elements Volume 1 from Loop Lounge

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Tech Elements vol.1 is a 100% Royalty free DJ Tools collection for Techno, Tech House and House music. Specially designed to be used in conjunction with the Traktor Remix Deck format, the collection contains essential components from across the “Tech” music spectrum to add an extra dimension of unique sound construction to any live performances or DJ mixes.

Delivered as full 24 bit / 44.1 kHz WAV, all audio has been meticulously produced and professionally mastered to provide a fully loaded deck, making up a logically organised library in four distinct sections:

• drums
• top-layer percussion grooves
• melodics
• transition effects

Each section/page contains 16 original loops that have been crafted to be used not only as individual components, but also in conjunction with parts from other sections of the collection. The tables below show a complete breakdown of every element.

To create your own arrangement, simply import the collection into your Traktor library and drag the desired sounds to cells in a fresh remix deck.

BPM: 125 Time Signature: 4/4

64 Unique 24 Bit / 44.1kHz Wav samples include:

• 16 core drum/percussion loops

• 16 top-layer percussion loops

• 16 melodic/lead/pad loops

• 16 transition/ambient layers

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