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Argon Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Argon Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer Beat Mode

Want a fully functional gem of a synth for just $1.99 that even has a (more…)

Videos for Musicians Producers and Recording Artists

beat mode music making videos

Like to watch videos with tips on using music software and (more…)

Dreadbox Erebus is a Greek Analog Synthesizer

dreadbox erebus analog synth beat mode

Does twisting knobs with your fingers make you feel (more…)

What’s New in FL Studio 12.1

FL STUDIO 12 update beat mode

Have you been wondering what’s new in the newest update to (more…)

Analyzing Beats in Organic Instrumental Music

computer music academy weekly homework podcast beats beat mode

I hated homework! I always will, but this is a really cool video (more…)

Nepheton by D16 Group – New Video Tutorial

Nepheton by D16 Group Audio Software is a recreation of the classic Tr-808 (more…)

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