Found Sounds Modular Chaos Engine 1.1

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Want 700+ found sound samples crammed into a Kontakt Sampler?

Then you’ll want to inspect the Modular Chaos Engine 1.1 Update with field recordings and found sounds with a sequencing unique engine to make beats with.

Watch the video Modular Chaos Engine #1.1 Found update on Youtube

For the past 10 years or so I’ve always carried some kind of portable recording device and a pair of OKM in ear microphones around with me and kept a kind of aural diary of great sounding things and great sounding places. I’ve made literally gazillions of recordings in places all over this side of the world, and like most diaries these recordings have mainly been sitting in dark cupboards waiting for someone to rediscover them…

The Modular Chaos Engine is the perfect repository for 785 of them. I’ve selected the most usefully percussive, clangy, bangy, thumpy, boomy, itchy, scratchy, thwacky and whacky, added a really powerful sequencing engine and made a “found sound” drum machine.

Boom Engine page – 12 user programmable, key triggered patterns with 12 tracks per pattern. Up to 62 sounds available per note.
Snap Engine page – 12 user programmable, key triggered patterns with 12 tracks per pattern. 15 sounds available per note (K5 only).
One Shot Kit page -5 octaves of programmable one shot kits with chaos and order parameter randomisation control.
Sends and Master FX page – control of master levels , master EQ and Transient designer (K5 only).
700+ original 24bit samples.
Instrument presets (.nki’s) for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5.
2 Vintage sampler emulation preset modes (K5 only).
Boom/snap Engines – drawable, per note control of: sound selection, volume, reverb send, hold time, low pass filter, pan, sample start, tune, compression (K5 only).
Boom/snap Engines – sound selection chaos control (K5 only).
Boom/snap Engines – timing chaos control (K5 only).
Boom/snap Engines – ‘remix’ control with 32 loop variations.
Boom/snap Engines – 16 or 32 beat per track selection.
Boom/snap Engines – solo & mute per sound.
Boom/snap Engines – copy/paste of patterns & tracks.
Swing amount control for extra hippity hoppity per engine.
One Shot Kits – individually editable note articulations with jitter, release, flam, drag, ruff, roll, muted, speed roll & geiger settings
One Shot Kits – per note control of reverb send, pitch, high & low pass filters, volume attack & decay, volume & pan.
Built in instruction manual in RTFM tab.

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