Siren Audio Generative 2 Granular Synth Plugin

Siren Audio Generative 2 beat mode

Do you want to transform simple sound samples into evolving soundscapes?

Siren Audio Generative 2 may be what you need.

Generative uses granular synthesis to transform audio from a file or external input in to an evolving soundscape. The synthesis parameters continually change, and also alter the playback position, volume, and panning. Generative now allows you to change the pitch and filter settings for each device, and the internal synthesis engine can be suspended to allow direct control of the granular parameters, for more flexible sound design and compositional applications.

Download the demo to see what Siren Audio Generative 2 can do when you get you hands on and interact with all the tweakable controls.

Watch the video Siren Audio Generative 2 VST/AU granular synth plugin in action on Youtube

Listen to the audio demo for Siren Audio’s Generative 2 on Soundcloud

Watch the video Generative 2 with Piano on Youtube

Watch the video Generative 2 In Depth on Youtube

More info on Siren Audio’s Generative 2 Granular Synth

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