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Sampling and Samplers – Tips and Resources

I don’t know about you, but I am personally pretty big on sampling! That’s why I am creating a master page here on Beat Mode for tips and info on sampling and samplers.

This page will have links to articles, videos and tutorials on Samplers, Sampling and Sound Design (also recording samples).

> The Secrets of Great Sounding Samples – Great article from Tweakhead Labs. A bit dated perhaps as it has a heavy focus on hardware samplers but the info on sampling, recording, preparing and optimizing samples is well worth reading

Me, I’m not using hardware samplers these days, but have in the past. I currently am using a variety of software samplers including the Drum racks, Simpler and Sampler instruments in Ableton Live 9 Suite as well as Native Instruments Kontakt along with a large number of other sampler VST’s such as drum machines and such.

I also use lots of synths that rely on samples as well, plus I sometimes use audio files and loops, mostly within Ableton Live, but often in programs like Native Instruments Reaktor that will manipulate the samples in many interesting ways.

Sampling – Recording Sound

I do a lot of sampling. Both inside the digital domain in the computer and with microphones and my trusty Zoom Digital Recorder.

I’ll be including info on sampling sounds and found sounds such as from appliances, nature and interesting places.

Have you heard of Diego Stocco?

Diego does a lot of interesting sound design and sampling. He even creates his own unusual instruments such as the Experibass and records them.

Watch the video Creative Miking Techniques on Youtube

More info on Creative Miking Techniques

Watch the video from Diego Stocco Improv on a Plate on Youtube

Want some Free Samples?

free loops and samples from beat mode

> Beat Mode Free Loops and Samples – grab ’em and see what you can do with them! Many creative uses like dropping into synths and samplers!