Rifflab Probability based Step Sequencer for Reaktor

rifflab for reaktor beat mode

Want to click a button and generate new sequences based on the parameters you have set?

Rifflab from Red Earth Audio is a “Probability based Step Sequencer” for Native Instruments Reaktor.

The full version has 3 sequencers and is just $9. while the free lite version has 1 sequencer. Get it – it’s free!

Easily generate inspiring Basslines, Leads, Melodies, Chords and Arpeggios based on your requirements.

Rifflab is a must have for any musician or producer who needs inspiration. Whether you are starting a new track or missing that certain something from your next big hit, Rifflab can deliver. 

Rifflab rapidly generates musical sequences based on the Probability parameters set by you. The Probability sliders allow control of Pitch, Velocity, Note Length, Step Length, Progression, and up to 7 Modulation lines for each generated sequence. After setting your parameters, let Rifflab generate unlimited inspiring possibilities.

RIFFLAB does not output any audio itself, but sends generated MIDI data to the chosen MIDI channel(s) to drive anything that allows MIDI input.

* Generates up to 3 sequences at a time
* Generate values per panel, per sequence or all 3 sequences simultaneously
* Set Key and Scale – ability to make own scale
* Scale lock on playback – all notes forced to scale
* Value lock – Keep wanted values and only generate new values for unlocked steps
* Up to 2 octaves per sequence
* Base octave per sequencer
* Variable step lengths – including dotted and triplet notes
* Rest notes (0 Velocity slider)
* Variable playback speed
* Up to 64 notes per sequence
* Up to 32 bars per Progression
* Variable Note lengths from 1/4 length to full length
* Midi output up to 3 separate channels
* Midi CC output via 4 Modulation panels, as well as Pitch, Velocity and Note Length values
* Midi in triggers for Progression and sequence output
* Progression sync to all sequencers
* Timing Offset per sequence
* Shift steps per panel, sequence or all sequences
* Ability to skip steps or randomize played steps
* Low CPU usage

Full version of Native Instruments REAKTOR 5.9.2+ required.

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