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Vocalise - Shifting Beauty - Beat Mode Review

Vocalise Gravity Pack 02 by Heavyocity is an amazing production ready human voice sample library for Kontakt that features many creative instruments with pads and voices of various types. Vocalise gets a 5 out of 5 rating.


Vocalise sounds really expensive and has a wide variety of instruments with many snapshots and preset variations that feature lush and beautiful vocal samples. It sounds great and should be able to fit into productions of all types. While perfect for cinematic and ambient productions I could hear Vocalise fitting into a lot of modern music genres.

If you’re familiar with most Heavyocity products and how expensive they can be, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear this professional library is just $99. complete.

Vocalise is priced like an expansion pack but is actually a complete stand alone product.

Despite Vocalise being called Gravity Pack 02 (GP02) Vocalise does not require having the original Gravity, so technically it is NOT an expansion set.

Vocalise utilizes the same Gravity Engine (GUI) I raved about in the original Gravity ($449.) but has a smaller and more focused library of samples at a really great price.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Due to the way Heavyocity released and marketed Vocalise as a “Gravity Pack”, it has come under some fire in forums and on the web from a small number of folks who don’t like to pay for sounds much less pay for “expansion packs” and are ranting about it.

I think all the fuss could have been avoided if Heavyocity just called it Vocalise and boasted that it featured the Gravity Engine instead of the confusing “Gravity Pack” expansion angle.

If you think about it and consider the original Gravity and Vocalise as separate and unique individual products, they each offer a great value and offer a lot for the money.

I guess some people are unhappy the Gravity Engine can be had for just $99. instead of the $449. for the full Gravity, which is true, however Gravity has a huge and diverse library that is worth every penny.

Gravity for example weighs in at 12 GB (uncompressed) with 2,200 Sound Sources, 815 Snapshots and 1,200 NKIs.

Vocalise weighs in at 4 GB (uncompressed) with 750 sound sources, 330 Snapshots and 170 NKIs

The 2 products share a common interface, but the content of each stand on their own.

Vocalise for Kontakt by Heavyocity BeatMode

Whether you have Gravity or not, Vocalise is a must buy at only $99. especially if you are looking for a human voice focused library. It has the killer Gravity Engine GUI interface which is a lot of fun to tweak and create new sounds with.

OK – so now that we established that Vocalise is it’s own unique product and a great value at $99., let’s take a look at what it offers.

With Vocalise the Heavyocity team took the full featured Gravity Engine and built a fresh new library focused on human voices. The Gravity Engine has robust sound design capabilities, which I raved about in the Beat Mode Gravity Review. The Gravity Engine is perfectly suited for sound design fun with the excellent selection of vocals, pads and phrases Vocalise provides.

The source content for this dedicated vocal instrument includes some voices from impressive professional vocalists including Siobhan Magnus of American Idol fame, Emily Adams, Alicia Mathewson, Anne Stott, Sharon Topper, Ashley Wade, Carla Kihlstedt, Songyi Jeopn, Alison Evans and Nelly Petkova.

The Vocalise library is loaded with gorgeous pads and phrases. It features samples including moving vowels, phrases and ensembles. There are layered sounds, solo sounds and group ensemble type sounds.

Vocalise has 4 main categories of sounds.

1. Pads – complex 3 layered sounds, a different sound on each key or single sounds playable over full range of keyboard

2. Performance Palettes – a combination of sustained vocal sounds that slowly twist and 2 octaves of phrases. These sounds can be manipulated by the modwheel.

3. Phrase Menus – instruments with a different vocal phrase on each key.

4. Sustained Vowels – simple sustained vocal sounds.

Just like the original Gravity, the interfaces for Vocalise offer a wide range of sound design possibilities.

There are 4 main tabs.


Heavyocity Vocalise Beat Mode Review

Main offers commonly used controls such as ADSR. The Gravity engine allows you to blend each of the 3 layers to your liking, as well as offer ‘linked” or individual ADSR for each layer along with other features


Heavyocity Vocalise Beat Mode EQ

The EQ FILT interface contains Equalizer and Filter options


TFX offers Trigger Effects (effects that are triggered with midi keys)

Heavyocity Vocalise Beat Mode TFX


Heavyocity Vocalise Beat Mode MOTION

Motion – has controls for the motion sequencer

Watch the video Heavyocity Vocalise Content Overview

If you are looking for vocal oriented sounds to fit into your productions, you should consider Vocalise from Heavyocity. It’s a steal at 99 bucks and allows for a very wide range of sounds that should fit into many different genres with ease.

Despite being based on a fixed set of vocal samples, the Gravity engine and the wide variety of sound sources and snapshots make this a very tweakable and customizable sample library. It will be easy to make the library sound unique and as your own when used in your productions. If this sounds interesting go grab it!

Vocalise Specs:

4 GB uncompressed
Available as direct download only
750+ Sound Sources
330+ Snapshots
300+ Motion Presets (NKA’s)
170+ NKIs
20 Complex Pads
120 Single Pads
16 Sustained and Moving Vowel Pads
16 Performance Palettes
Motion page for advanced volume, pitch, and pan pattern creation
Playable Trigger FX™ for real-time control
Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX
Powered by the Kontakt 5 Engine
Kontakt 5 (Player) ver or higher

More info on Vocalise at the Heavyocity site

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