Review: Multiverse Fragmented for Kontakt from HG Sounds

Beat Mode Review of Multiverse Fragmented

Do you wish that more sound libraries for Kontakt offered you more creative options to sculpt the sound to your liking? I do!

Multiverse Fragmented is a very unique Kontakt Instrument and sound library with 120 Multi-Sampled Instruments designed with PolyKB II and Dune 2.


Multiverse Fragmented from HG Sounds is a very versatile product with tons of options for those of you who like to tweak and mutilate the sounds to come up with your own unique presets.

Multiverse Fragmented utilzes a very unique Kontakt 5 Script (KSP) that enables the user to combine, tweak, and adjust the 2 layers of samples into unique dual layered instruments.

I’ve had some of the older HG Sounds instruments (Kosmos and Infekted) which had lots of options to tweak sounds but unfortunately were very confusing and sufffered from lower quality 16 bit samples.

Multiverse Fragmented is a vast improvement and features a great set of 24 bit samples which are the starting point of building the layers. It also features the newer Multiverse scripting engine so it is easier to make cool sounds with.

Multiverse Fragmented Features:

Size: 1.02 GB
480 24-bit Samples
60 new Pad Presets
20 new ARP Presets
20 new Kosmology Presets
788 Generic Multiverse Presets
70 Generic Kosmology Presets

Look at it this way: You get 120 different multi-sampled “waveforms/samples” to use and combine in the dual layered engine.

Listen to the audio demos for Multiverse Fragmented on Soundcloud

The sales page is super confusing. The whole site is.

I give HG Sounds credit for having improved over time, making just enough sense of the features and changes and vast product offerings they have to give us an idea of what is for sale, but the product descriptions are still confusing.

A lot of people succeed to a greater degree by keeping things simpler and more focused. That is not the case here.

The complexity is good here because the sounds we can utilize are much more complex and diverse and there is a versatility that can’t be found on many of the more popular yet simpler Kontakt Instruments.

I hate to complain about the complexity, clutter and confusion because Multiverse Fragmented offers us what is most important in a musical instrument. It makes playing around in Kontakt fun.

A lot of Kontakt instruments and sound libraries look great on the page, but I can’t tell you how often I buy something and “just don’t get it”. Often I will get bored after 10 minutes of use and never even use the instrument a 2nd time.

With Multiverse Fragmented I was exploring for quite a while and even came back and explored further at later times. That’s a good sign. I’ll come back again too.

One thing to note about performance: I noticed that on some of the dual layered sounds with long release times that Kontakt 5.5 and Ableton Live were choking.

That doesn’t happen to me very often with Kontakt in general. In this case I was using only one instance of Kontakt with no other FX or plugins so the choking caught me off guard.

It might just be an issue with my HP notebook and it’s drive being cluttered, but it’s good to be aware that long release dual layered sounds could cause a hiccup now and again.

It is possible that this choking issue can be improved by opening up Kontakt and reducing the number of max simultaneous voices and/or switching from “sampler mode” to DFD, but I really can’t say as I did not investigate that further.

That rare performance glitch aside, I really enjoyed playing around with Multiverse Fragmented.

At $29.99 Multiverse Fragmented is a great value and worth buying.

More info at the HG Sounds page for Multiverse Fragmented.

HG Sounds Freebie: Grab FreeFall which is a Kosmology/Multiverse Instrument for Kontakt that you can download for free.

The samples in the freebie FreeFall are 16 bit so it is not entirely reflective of the quality of Multiverse Fragmented which has 24 bit samples.

Higher bit rate samples can really make a big difference in sound quality, so personally for the most part I stay away from anything with 16 bit samples.

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