Review: The Chordaphones for Kontakt from FrozenPlain

the chordaphones main beat mode

Do you enjoy tweaking and layering sounds? I do!

The Chordophones by Frozen Plain is a unique instrument with a layering engine for a library of plucked and hammered strings for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.


The Chordophones utilizes the recently updated and improved FrozenPlain Effects Engine v2.0 which has an innovative set of effects.

the chordaphones frozenplain effects v2 beat mode

There are 3 new effects that are really fun to play with.

Atomise – Repeat notes to create a granular synth-like effect
Strum – Turn chords into strummed notes similar to a guitar
Scatter – Randomise and humanise note start times, pan, velocity and more. Perfect for use with the Atomise effect

The Chordophones consists of samples from FrozenPlain products Ancient Chordophone and Hammered Chordophone in a new instrument and sample library that combines the sounds in the newest version of the improved engine.

The main interface is simple and allows you to quickly layer and adjust up to 6 of the sample sets.

I like the fact that you can adjust the ADSR Envelopes for each of the 6 layers individually or you can set it to master and edit all of the layers together.

What I appreciate about FrozenPlain instruments is that the intent is not to emulate or recreate the sounds of a specific instrument perfectly, but rather to offer new and unheard of sounds that are very unique and musical at the same time.

The 9 .nki instrument presets are good, however I would have liked to have seen more presets. Considering how easy it is to create variations of the 9 included ourselves, this is not really an issue, however more presets would be welcome and show us the possible combinations of layers and effects.

The sound of The Chordaphones is very good. While you might expect to hear plucked sounds and medieval stringed sounds it is also very flexible and capable of producing nice pads and ambient textures.

The 28 custom IR’s are very good and allow Kontakt’s Convolution Reverb to add many sonic possibilities.

The library comes with 104 24 bit samples in the Kontakt .ncw format (lossless). There are 6 basic sets of multisamples for each layer with 3 or 4 round robin on up to 2 velocity layers to allow for expressive playing.

Watch the video The CHordaphones Sounds and UI on Youtube

Listen to Forest by Sam Windell demoing The Chordaphones on Soundcloud

The Chordaphones is a fun to play unique sounding instrument that offers a lot of flexibility for creative sound design.

FrozenPlain is putting out some interesting stuff! I’m eagerly awaiting what they will be releasing next!

More info on The Chordaphones at the FrozenPlain site.

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