reTune from Zplane for Pitch Correction

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Ever wish you could can change the pitch of your audio in real time?

Then you will be interested in the new plugin from Zplane called reTune.

reTune is a real-time multi-pitch modification plugin that can be used for pitch correction and scale modification.

reTune is available as VST, AAX, AU plugins.

The plugin comes with three different views to give you that amount of controls that are necessary for the respective tasks.

It allows you to re-tune your audio to any target key (e.g. from D major to C# minor). reTune has an automatic input key detection in case your unsure about the key of your input audio. On the other hand reTune opens creative ways to modify the pitch content in any way you like.

Real-time processing

Automatic input key detection using zplane’s TONART V2

Fully configurable input-to-output pitch mapping

Presets for major/minor scales, church modes, gypsy and chromatic scales

Controls for pitch detection sensitivity, transient levels and pitch contour smoothing

Automatic pitch correction to the nearest semitone

There is a demo you can download so you can try out reTune before you buy.

Get it at the Zplane reTune web page.

Amazon Image

Amazon Image
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