Raw Material 322 Household Percussion Samples

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Raw Material offers bubbles, metallic twangs, wooden taps, pops and flicks in their collection of found sound percussion samples

Mode Audio’s Raw Material is a collection of 19 Percussion Sampler Kits.

Welcome to the sound of Raw Material, our intricately recorded, custom-produced percussion emporium of wildly diverse flavour and vibe! Featuring an oversized trunk of 322 household percussion samples, this set of vibrant, multicolour sounds creates an explosive lucky dip of purest percussion magic, ranging from deep slams, slaps and scrapes to delicate bubbles, metallic twangs, wooden taps, pops, flicks and beyond! 322 WAV Samples & more.

Scouring high and low in both studio and home for source sounds, we’ve captured the sonic essence of an entire army of household objects, utensils and kitchen appliances. Featuring slamming oven doors, bubbling pots of water, boiling kettles, snapping bottles, sparking gas hobs, scraping knives, noisy radios, clinking dishwasher loads, clicking buttons, frying oil, thumping plastic tubs, snapping wood and much, much more, this pack turns the familiar into a battalion of excitingly intense percussive power!

From the recording studio to the editing and processing suite, we’ve applied our signature attention to detail at every stage of the production process. The result is a stunningly diverse collection of full-flavour percussion samples bursting with sharp transient energy and inspiring, richly detailed texture.

Alongside the raw percussion samples themselves, we’ve also included 19 mixed and matched percussion sampler kits in this release. Created specifically for the most popular DAWs available, each kit is packed with an intoxicating range of percussive textures and flavours. The patches also offer you instant beatmaking tools that are ready to go the second after download.

As an added bonus, we’ve also thrown in 4 custom channel strip settings that make a range of professional sound sculpting options available for use in your music.

Raw Material Pack Contents

72 Kitchen Appliance Percussion Samples
43 Kitchen Utensil Percussion Samples
38 Metal Percussion Samples
30 Mixed Percussion Samples (Kicks, Snares & Hi Hats)
47 Plastic Percussion Samples
27 Water Percussion Samples
19 Wood Percussion Samples
21 Ceramic Percussion Samples
25 Food Percussion Samples
19 Percussion Sampler Kits
4 Channel Strips

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