Polyphylla for Ableton Live

polyphylla ableton live beat mode

Looking to create rich textures, ambiences and pads? 

Then you should check out Polyphylla, a new Max for Live Instrument for Ableton Live.

Check out the Polyphylla demo video on youtube

Polyphylla is a new Max For Live instrument that makes additive synthesis accessible and fun. Aimed at electronic music producers as well as experimental composers, music educators and production novices, you’ll master it in minutes but make amazing sounds with it for years to come.

Boiling a complex under-the-hood architecture down to a concise set of around 50 editable parameters, organised in a clean, clear interface, Polyphylla prioritises approachability and ease of use, without sacrificing depth or quality of results.

More info at the Ableton Packs page for Polyphylla

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