Omnisphere Just Got Better 2.1 Update from Spectrasonics

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Omnisphere is one of my favorite synthesizer plugins. It just keeps on getting better.

Omnisphere Version 2 has a lot going for it and it just got an update to 2.1.0d

It seems Spectrasonics has finally embraced 3rd party developers and has simplified sound sharing and library management.

Watch the video Sharing Sounds With Omnisphere 2

Omnisphere Software 2.1.0d features and fixes:

• Improved GUI popup time
• New “Publish Library” feature
• Improvements to sharing features
• On/Off buttons for Osc modules in Layer Pages
• User Audio Import: unique-ify name rather than overwrite existing sound
• Show “N/A” in Harmonia Zoom osc menus when using sampled source
• Clear all Sound Lock checkmarks when Multi or Patch is Initialized
• Sound Match does not switch to All directory in Mini Browser
• Sample Thinning not recalling properly
• Header graphics can get into confused state
• Plugin hangs loading impulse file in a certain way
• Mini Mod Matrix becomes inoperative in certain situations
• Crackling sound in Bass Feeder Patch
• Ultra Chorus rate change causes unwanted delay in Ableton Live
• Waveshaper “AMP” audio path can cause audio glitches (Windows only)
• Improperly highlighted keys in Stack pane

More info at the Spectrasonics website

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