NOIISE FLUX:FX play – Professional Audio Multi-effects by Adrian Belew

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Want to play your effects like an instrument rather than just push buttons?

NOIISE has just released FLUX:FX play which is an app that lets you “play” your effects!

FLUX:FX play is a professional multi-effect audio processor app that lets you ‘play’ your effects.

Innovative, intuitive and exciting, FLUX:FX play lets you manipulate any audio signal into something entirely new. Using exactly the same audio engine as the Red Dot award-winning FLUX:FX ipad app, FLUX:FX play focusses the interface into a single screen.

It can be paired with the FLUX:FX ‘master’ iPad app for full micro-editing, or used standalone as a powerful live performance effects processor. Conceived and created via the combined talents of guitarist extraordinaire Adrian Belew, audio software developers ElephantCandy and mobile specialists MOBGEN, the FLUX:FX apps can be subtle and shimmery or chaotic and magnanimous. All of this power is managed through an efficient, minimalist interface combining easy-to-use touch controls and a mesmerising liquid-to-polygon audio visualizer.

Check out all the effects that NOIISE FX: play have to offer:

Stutter loop – plays a segment of the previous audio and repeats.
Reverse Loop – samples the upcoming audio and repeats it in reverse.
Loop Slice – samples the upcoming audio and repeats.
Segment – beat synchronous slices of your audio.
Sample Scratch – like a tape-stop, pitches the audio down to zero.
Dynamics –

Compress – controls the dynamic range of the audio by squashing volume peaks.
Pump – extreme compression, triggered by bass, gives a ‘pumping’ sound.
Distortions –

Overdrive – ‘soft’ clipping of the audio to add harmonics and grit.
Distortion – ‘hard’ clipping of the audio to increase drive, saturation & filth.
Fuzz – distorts the audio to introduce extreme overtones, buzz and thickness.
Bitcrush – reduces bandwidth & resolution, producing a digital distortion.
Destroy – complex distortion created by altering the shape of the input audio.
Decimate – uses assorted bit reduction techniques for maximum mayhem.
EQs & Filters –

Ultra EQ – fully parametric 6-band equalizer to boost/cut specific frequencies.
Kill EQ – single-band parametric equalizer with shelving Hi/Low EQ.
Lowpass Filter – analog style LPF reducing frequencies above the cutoff.
Highpass Filter – analog style HPF reducing frequencies below the cutoff.
Bandpass Filter – analog style BPF combining a low- & a high-pass filter.
Modulations –

Chorus – slightly delays & pitch-modulates the audio to add richness.
Flange – sweeping comb-filter effect using a slight delay through an LFO.
Phase – complex spectral modulation with selectable stages and feedback.
Resonant Drone – short delay that creates a pitched resonance.
Pitch Delay – A delayed pitch shift with a feedback loop.
Octave Shift – 1- and 2- octave shift, best for mono sound sources.
Ring Modulate – ‘sci-fi’ favorite where the input is multiplied with a waveform.
Auto Pan – pans the signal left to right with selectable modes.
Delays –

Digital Delay – up to 5 seconds of clean delay that can be BPM quantized.
Binaural Delay – individual left/right delays, useful to emulate stereo width.
Tape Echo – an organic-sounding delay with feedforward and deviation.
Scatter Verb – adds reflected echoes to recreate the sound of an acoustic space.
Delay/Reverb – combines the digital delay and reverb effects.

Download FLUX:FX play at the iTunes Store for $4.99

Check out the manual for FLUX:FX play

More info on FLUX at the NOIISE website

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