Natural Forces from Heavyocity

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Natural Forces Gravity Pack 01 for Kontakt (does not require Gravity) is a new sample library from Heavyocity.

From evolving pads to harmonic stings and tonal beds Natural Forces Gravity Pack 01 provides 430 sound sources.

Powered by the GRAVITY engine and Heavyocity’s signature sound quality, GP01 is a Natural Force to be reckoned with.

Listen to audio demos of Natural Forces GP01 on Soundcloud

Natural Forcesd takes advantage of Heavocity’s Gravity engine for Kontakt which allows element layers and tweaking of over 3 gb of pads, swells, sweeps, reverses and stings.

Did you know that all files in Natural Forces are uniquely watermarked for each individual customer using a proprietary technology? It does. I’m sure the watermarking is not audible (one could hope), but that sure seems a bit much although I understand the need to protect their products from illegal distribution.

Watch the video Heavyocity Natural Forces Gravity Pack 01  Content Overview on Youtube

Natural Forces GP01 is 3.2 GB uncompressed and available as a direct download with 530+ Kontakt .nki instruments. It offers 240 snapshots and 325 motion presets in Kontakt.

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