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Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here, editor and chief music technologist here at Beat Mode.

Mike Liebner Balboa IslandIf you’re into music and computers as much as I am, I bet you’re more adventurous than most regular people and enjoy finding and listening to new music.

Me, when I am not driving in my car, I especially like listening to new electronic music. You know – the kind of tunes made with computers, synthesizers, samplers and software such as the the music making tools being used by Beat Mode users.

I listen to a lot of music. All kinds. Listening to new music inspires me.

Music follows me everywhere I go and I make a concentrated effort to seek out and find exciting new music almost every day. I will be sharing my finds and listening choices with you guys here on Beat Mode.

Featured Music on Beat Mode – highlighted songs and recording artists, musicians and bands I feel are especially good and will brighten up your day.

You may be aware of some of the music featured here on Beat Mode. Hopefully you’ll become a new fan of some great new electronic music!

Don’t worry though, the music won’t be ridiculously obscure and bizarre (in most cases), but then again will not be the usual popular fluff we are already exposed to. Sorry Taylor Swift and Katy Perry – I love you guys but you already get a lot of exposure!

What kind of music will be featured on Beat Mode?

All kinds of modern electronic music!

By the way – if you’re curious what I am listening to right now at this moment – check out the “recently listened to tracks” from my porkypinetea profile on

That page scrobbles my listening activity from Spotify.

For example right now as I write this I am listening to Alexel – Runaway Sunset on Spotify.

It’s a really great tune, but according to at the time of this writing it only has 29 listeners and 71 scrobbles all time – wow – it deserves more!

Hopefully you’ll dig suggestions like this one and by listening Beat Mode users like you can bring more attention to deserving artists like Alexel and others that create music using a lot of the same music making technology we do!

Charts Charts Charts!

If you want to see the list of top artists I have been listening to – check out my porkypinetea charts on – for example here are the top artists I have listened to in the Last 7 Days

In the past 7 days I have scrobbled/listened to songs by

  1. Ulrich Schnauss
  2. Manual
  3. The American Dollar
  4. 7and5
  5. Mint

Check these artists out – maybe you’ll like them too!

Beat Mode New Music

I’m hoping you’ll like a lot of the new music featured here on Beat Mode, but I understand tastes vary.

There is a lot of amazing music out there and it’s often hard to find a lot of this incredible stuff through the mainstream music media.

Featured music on Beat Mode

What are you listening to?

While I think you’ll dig my taste and music suggestions, depending on your feedback, I’d like to open up more pages here on Beat Mode to feature music suggestions from you the users of Beat Mode. It’s always interesting to see and hear what musicians are listening to!

If you are scrobbling send me your profile info so we can see what you are listening to!

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