Max For Live Freebie That is Not What You think (or is it?)

BEAT MODE Max for Live Connection Kit

OK so you’ve got Ableton and are always looking for cool freebies – especially when they are innovative Max For Live doodads.

Well… you’ll get a kick out of this new freebie available on the Ableton Packs section which is called Max For Live Connection Kit.

Before you dismiss it as an adapter to plug in a camera or electric razor to your USB port (wait – maybe it can do that) watch the video to see some clever uses for this innovative freebie.

Ahhhh so we can use it to make cool Vine videos! Count me in!

Now it’s simpler than ever to set up new and experimental ways to interact with and extend Live.

For the tinkerers among you, Connection Kit is a new Max for Live Pack that makes it simpler than ever before to set up new and experimental ways to extend and interact with Live.

This free collection of Max for Live devices provides instant connection between Live and technologies like Arduino, LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3, OSC and much more.

Get the Max for Live Connection Kit for free

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