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K-Devices Holder Ableton M4L Max For Live

Holder is an innovative Max For Live device for Ableton Live that grabs slices of sound and transforms them into all kinds of lush textures and soundscapes. If you’re into ambient soundscapes and sound design you’ll dig this cool plugin.

You can grab Holder at the Ableton Packs Store for just 29 bucks or if you hurry it is on sale for just $20. until June 12. 2015.

Holder is a spectral freezer effect with advanced sound design features for Ableton Live. It slices, dices and mangles loops and audio and works with everything you throw at it.

“Each time you trig the incoming sound, by hand, automation, or automatically, Holder stores eight very short slices of sound.

These slices could be read in three different modes: random reads slices randomly, linear read from first to last slice, still reads just the first slice. Reading modes produce sustained tones with different degrees of “movement“.

As last step, the tone enters the Dronizer section. This section hosts exclusive video-based effects to edit and shape the drone. Void sets to zero the amplitude of some bands, giving more robotic or like-synthesis results. Swarm applies noise-based amplitude modulation, modifying bands volume, injecting life in textures in a way that can’t be obtained with standard amplitude modulation. Blur applies an interpolation between consecutive slices, creating continuously morphing sustained tones.”

Wanna see what it can do? Check out these videos.

Holder Overview Video

Holder Tips and Tricks Video

“Holder is a spectral freezer effect based on FFT analysis and a video engine. It retains small portions of sound, and creates rich textures,organic drones, and many more with.

You can use Holder with any kind of sound:acoustic instruments, drum loops,synth phrases and vocals too. You’ll be surprised at any time about its incredible sound quality and flexibility in producing so different results.

Its main job is to transform any sound in beautiful sustained tones and drones, but it may be even used as a reverb (it produces unusual morphing shadows for your sounds), as a live counterpoints producer (as well known stomp boxes), and to enrich grooves with rhythm-based madness.

The video engine is used to traduce stored sound in video content, then it applies exclusive effects via the dronizer panel, to shape your drones in detail.

Holder is a friendly device, with simple user interface, giving monster results! You will fall in love with it!”

  • 62 presets
  • 42 Live clips
  • 1 demo set
  • more than 100mb of original samples.

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