Load Up Distort 2 and Start Playing Guitar in Kontakt

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Looking for a powerful electric guitar sound library that is easy to use?

Wouldn’t it be great if it had easy to use UP and DOWN strum samples and sounded realistic?

If you have Native Instruments Kontakt you may be interested in Distort 2 a new and expanded version of Distort 1

DISTORT 2 is an electric guitar sample library, recorded and played by engineer Plamen Penchev, perfect for film and trailer composers on a tight deadline.

Watch the video Strezov Sampling Distort 2 Walkthrough Video on Youtube

Listen to audio demos of Distort 2 on Soundcloud

The main goal for this library has been to give the user flexibility and freedom while playing. We know that composers usually do not have time to fool around with knobs and buttons, this is why Distort only requires you to load it up and you can immediately start playing. The library is straight-forward, having two “zones” – one with palm mutes, the other one with sustains. You can play riffs with both of your hands and achieve great realistic results within only few minutes.

Featuring three different mic positions, as well as seperated clean samples DISTORT 2 is in every way supperior to its predecessor DISTORT 1. However we decided to include DISTORT 1, because combining both of them gives you even more options in terms of sound.

Distort 2 features

Doubletracked guitar (L or R), recorded separately with three mic positions (dynamic mic, ribbon mic and hall), up and down picking.
Close mics – Peluso R14 (ribbon), Shure SM58 (dynamic)
Hall mics Stereo pair Gefell SMS2000.
Two round robin on sustains, four round robins on mutes.
Open chords (Power chords), open single tones, mute chords, mute single tones.
Completely clean samples without processing included
Amp – Marshall JCM2000
Cabinet – Marshall 1960 (Vintage30 speakers)
Guitar – Gibson Flying V
includes DISTORT 1 (1958 Korina Flying V Epiphone Guitar, amped through a Mesa Boogie amplifier)

Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5.0 + FULL version required – FREE Player NOT SUPPORTED

Internet connection

Download Size 4.1 GB

Please note that it is necessary to own the full version of Kontakt in order to use Strezov Sampling products, since they do not support the free Kontakt Player. If you own the Kontakt Player only, the libraries will stop working after 30 minutes.

More info on Distort 2

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