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Do you like listening to new music that you have never heard before?

Or do you like to listen to old familiar songs that you have already heard a million times?

Well, if you are a musician like me it is very likely you enjoy seeking out and searching for new exciting music that the mainstream doesn’t know or care about.

Soundcloud is a great place to find interesting new music of any genre imaginable.

While I do admit I have gotten hooked on Spotify, which I use most of the time seek out and find similar music to that which I have already discovered, I have been spending more time lately with Soundcloud.

I just posted a couple of new original ambient soundscape experimental tracks on my Mike Liebner Soundcloud page. Check them out and like and follow if you can. I’ll be a good social citizen and check out your stuff.

Listen to Reflective Light Part 2 on Soundcloud

Soundcloud is more than simply a place for companies to post their audio demos. As I am noticing more and more it actually is a very social community of musicians who post great original music for free in hopes of finding an audience as well as connecting with like minded people into music.

I’ve had a Soundcloud account for a long time and even posted a few tracks, but it wasn’t until more recently when I have been posting audio demos for music software and sound libraries that I have started to figure out how Soundcloud works.

I have to admit, Soundcloud has always been a bit quirky for me having what I feel is an unusual user interface. It hasn’t always been as friendly as I’d like or as quick and easy as Spotify is to to help me find similar music to what I like. Sometimes it is slow and clunky – especially on my iPad.

But I do find that when you put effort into following users on Soundcloud and liking songs (clicking the heart icon) you can actually build up a decent stash of songs to play that fit what you like without meandering too much into areas off the beaten track of personal taste.

Here are some of the songs I have liked on Soundcloud on my “personal likes page”.

soundcloud likes on beat mode

If you have a brand new account it will be empty but if you spend time liking songs you’ll build up a library of tracks you can play and even shuffle.

Hear the Tracks You Like on Soundcloud


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