Get Three Instruments with C-Tools for Reaktor


If you want retro synth sounds and have Native Instruments Reaktor you might want to grab C-Tools from Icebreaker Audio and Heavyocity.

There is an introductory special so hurry and check it out!

“C-Tools was designed as an homage to a future that never was. Inspired by the sc-fi aesthetic of the 70s and 80s, C-Tools is three distinct instruments: Capsule (drums), Coil (bass) & Clique (pads & keys). From nostalgic strings to archetypal pulsing rhythms, C-Tools is the framework for building the vintage synth sound of yesterday, today.”

C-Tools is vailable as direct download only at the Heavyocity site

Ther are 149 total presets

Watch the C-Tools Overview Video on Youtube

Listen to audio demos on Soundcloud

C-Tools is powered by the Reaktor Engine

Reaktor 5 Full Version 5.9.2 or higher required.

Amazon Image

Amazon Image
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