New and Improved Terracotta 2.0 for Kontakt from Frozen Plain

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Do you enjoy layering sounds and tweaking them to perfection?

If so and you have Native Instruments Kontakt, you may want to take a close look at Terracotta, a “tonal percussion library” from Frozen Plain.

It’s unexepected for a Kontakt library to get an upgrade and have new features added so this is a treat of those that already have Terracotta.

Terracotta is a unique library made from multisampled flowerpots, recently updated to version 2.0 which improves performance and adds new features!

Watch the video showing the new version of Terracotta Sounds and UI on Youtube

Terracotta version 2.0 greatly improves performance, adds new controls and features the FrozenPlain Effects Engine. This update is free to all current owners of Terracotta.

New Features of Terracotta 2.0

New and improved appearance
Now uses sampler mode rather than DFD with only 105MB RAM needed
Added ADSR envelope for each individual layer
Added pan and tune controls for the mixer
Added highpass and size controls for the convolution reverb
Added FX engine which includes 10 effects including; arpeggiator, echo and reverb

Listen to the Terracotta audio demos on Soundcloud

Terracotta features a completely redesigned interface which includes new controls such as ADSR envelopes, and a 7 channel mixer with tune and pan.

As well as the multisampled flowerpots, Terracotta has 6 other layers such as a steel string, music box and pad. Using these sounds, the mixer and the 21 convolution IRs, the library is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds.

Terracotta now features the FrozenPlain Effects Engine which includes 10 effects such as reverb, delay, arpeggiator and chorus.

Terracotta is brilliant for creating rhythms and sequences. Using the effects engine you can add distortion and delay to really customise the sound.

More info on Terracotta and other Kontakt Instruments at the Frozen Plain website.

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