Illmatic Drums Original Drum Library


Looking for those sick vintage drum sounds to make hip hop, soul, r&b and electronic beats with?

Beatmakers interested in that hip hop vibe will be interested in checking out the new library of over 600 original one shot samples from Patchbanks called Illmatik Drums.

Listen to the audio demo for Illmatik Drums on Soundcloud

“Get access to our top producers’ arsenal of drum libraries with over 600 one-shot samples of premium sounds sourced from live studio sessions that were recorded and crafted with new and vintage class-A processing gear, which includes: SSL, API, UREI and NEVE to name a few.

This collection comes loaded with the finest clean-cut core drum sounds sorted into eight categories: kicks, snares, claps, hats, cymbals, shakers/tambourines, toms and percussions — all covering various classic tones, grittiness and punchness for assembling the perfect drum kits.

But it doesn’t stop there — we kicked it up a notch by including wet and effected layers in each category that include recordings of live drum room/hall, classic electronic reverb and vintage spring reverb units, real tape saturation/distortion and a special 8bit crunch feature. These layers are essential for advanced beatmakers who prefer isolated sounds to craft their drums to preference by overlaying or doubling-up sample cells with no phase issues whatsoever.”

Illmatik Drums is Recommended for advanced beatmakers. Otherwise they might be deadly in the wrong hands. Know what I mean?

Illmatik Drums Content
+600 Drum Samples
24bit Aiff
Music Styles: Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Breaks, Vintage
File Size: 198MB

You can grab Illmatik Drums for $34.95 at the Patchbanks site.

Amazon Image

Amazon Image
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