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Digital Audio Multitrack Recording Tips and Tricks

Tutorials, how to, help, discussions, troubleshooting etc. 8-25-01

Boy, it sure can be a daunting task to find relevant information regarding multitrack recording and computers. Any search term seems to bring up mostly advertisements for products or software or mostly it seems - businesses. Then when you check out the page it seems it is nothing more than a plea to get your money.

So we decided to start compiling direct links to relevant articles and web sites that really provide pertinent information.

Multitrack Recording Links

Diary of a New Computer - Beat Mode article on making music on a new Pentium 4

Home Recording - site with helpful tips and articles on mixing and more. All about home recording, although the focus seems to be on the lower end of the spectrum. They have a link to a software utility to help see how many tracks of audio you can get on your PC. Hope it isn't as slow as it was for us.

Article called A System That Works - pc setup. Also a good read - AN ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT PC MULTI-TRACKING SCENE. Another interesting article - PC AUDIO OPTIMIZATION - tips on getting better pc performance. Read with a grain of salt and once again, some info is already outdated.

PCRECORDING.COM article - Woebegone Windows Worries Workarounds - some excellent suggestions about recording with Windows. Another excellent article on IRQ conflicts.

Echo has some suggestions for AMD Athlon & Duron users. Get the right motherboard to prevent problems using an Echo audio card. Most likely applies to other manufacturers cards as well. Other helpful tips as well.

Audio Recording Center article - Setting Up The Ultimate Digital Home Studio. Note the overly zealous PC bias though (we like both platforms), as well as the slightly dated suggestions. Doesn't cover the many cool products available, but rather on what he seems to have, such as Cakewalk. Still has some worthwhile info.

Article by Dan - Hardware recommendations for Cubase. Once again - this seems a little dated. Also Windows 98 Performance tips. Also Adjusting Timing Accuracy.

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Digital Audio Tips and Tricks

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