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Spektral Delay 1.5
by Native Instruments

Windows and Mac Effects Processing Software - Standalone, VST™ and DirectX™


Native Instruments

Native Instruments Effects Line

Beat Mode gives Spektral Delay an 8 out of 10 star rating!
"VERY GOOD product with many plusses, highly usable"

Native Instruments Spektral Delay is a unique and powerful software effects processor that is capable of adding sparkle and sheen to audio tracks and instruments, as well as employing complex signal processing that can mutilate and bend the original source material into new and exciting directions. Spektral Delay is a powerful tool that has special appeal for sound designers and musicians looking to explore and find fresh new sounds that either complement existing audio tracks or help create brand new sounds for a myriad of purposes. From adding intricate delays and arpeggios to the musical sounds of instruments like synthesizers and guitars, to creating complex rhythmic beats from drum loops and samples, Native Instruments Spektral Delay is a fun and exciting to use program that can be utilized standalone or as a plugin in your favorite host software such as Cubase or Logic.

Spektral Delay is unique in that it offers realtime FFT processing (Fast Fourier Transforms) that until now has only been available on expensive high end products. Spektral Delay divides a sound into as many as 1,024 frequency bands and then effects, filters, delays and feeds back each band separately. The level, delay time and feedback amount for each of this bands can be set separately. Additionally, various modulation effects can be applied to the signal in the frequency domain, which allows for even further sound manipulation. Spektral Delay converts every audio signal it receives into the Frequency Domain with complete control over Frequency Domain transformations, then resynthesizes a Time Domain sound that a normal computer can play. Spectral resynthesis. With fast computers affordable we are now able to employ the CPU intensive calculations with Spektral Delay, opening up the doors to new worlds of creativity in realtime processing.

Spektral Delay was simple to install and worked immediately with no problems.

Spektral Delay is very easy to use, however due to the complex signal processing, it is helpful to have a fast modern computer. Our test machine, a Pentium IV 1.7 Ghz with 256 RAM, was more than adequate to use Spektral Delay standalone, however when used as a VST effect with Cubase VST 5.1 we experienced several crashes with the more complex presets (computer would freeze requiring a hard shut down). I believe with 512 MB of RAM this would not be an issue.

Screenshot of Spektral Delay Interface (click to enlarge)

Spektral Delay 1.5 includes a very healthy amount of presets, with included audio files that give a very good representation of what Spektral Delay is capable of. In addition it is very intuitive and easy to utilize the impressive user interface and tweak the various controls and "draw" onto the "edit graphs". It is very easy to mutilate the sounds into all new directions with just a few mouse draws on the graphs. If you are a savvy sound designer and wish to push Spektral Delay to it's limits, the very thorough manual will help you understand the intricacies and get the most out of this complex signal processing powerhouse.

Spektral Delay offers full midi control with a new MIDI LEARN feature in version 1.5. The delay times can be set freely or according to the rhythm via a selectable note grid. The maximum delay time is 12 seconds. The effects achievable with this band delay include rather subtle colorings as well as rhythmic courses of the partial tones and dense, atmospheric sound textures. Sync to Host Tempo allows Spektral Delay to slave to the tempo of the host program allowing perfect rhythmic interaction.

Native Instruments recommends an Intel Pentium II or Celeron 400 MHz or faster with at least 64 MB RAM (128 if used with other programs), or a Power PC Mac 300 MHz or faster with 64 MB RAM or more. You will likely want to have a faster machine than the above, as Spektral Delay is complex and demands a lot from the computer, especially when used as a VST or DXi plugin with a host program.

Spektral Delay is a very unique and impressive product at an affordable price that will find use in most modern music production. It is particularly well suited for Soundtrack type work and experimental music. Sound Designers will have a field day with all the sonic capabilities.

If you like to create and explore new sonic possibilities you will be happy to add Spektral Delay to your arsenal of tools.

Spektral Delay lists for $299. US with a Pro Tools edition available at around $499.

Native Instruments Spektral Delay
gets an 8 out of 10 star Beat Mode rating.
"VERY GOOD product with many plusses, highly usable"

Listen to our Beat Mode MP3 samples from Spektral Delay 1.5:

These loops all use "0-noeffects-115.mp3" as the source file, with the exception of 13,16,17 and 2, which use a musical phrase as the source.

click the link to listen the mp3 sample 0-noeffects-115.mp3 262k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 1-balinesecowbells-115.mp3 262k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 13-hippo.mp3 376k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 16-lotusland.mp3 301k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 17-lowendpulse.mp3 301k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 2-areciboislistening.mp3 451k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 21-psychedeliacII-115-snip1.mp3 66k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 21-psychedeliacII-115-snip2.mp3 66k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 21-psychedeliacII-115.mp3 262k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 25-ripplingarpeggios-115.mp3 522k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 27-slidingcreatures-115.mp3 262k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 27-throatengine-115-snip1.mp3 66k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 27-throatengine-115-snip2.mp3 66k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 27-throatengine-115.mp3 522k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 28-strangedays-115.mp3 262k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 31-toypianofactory-115-snip1.mp3 34k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 31-toypianofactory-115.mp3 262k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 32-ultra-ambient-115-snip1.mp3 66k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 32-ultra-ambient-115-snip2.mp3 66k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 32-ultra-ambient-115.mp3 522k
click the link to listen the mp3 sample 6-beautifulchaos-115.mp3 301k

Click HERE to play all of the above SPEKTRAL DELAY MP3 files in succession.

Wanna use some of the above BEAT MODE SPEKTRAL DELAY LOOPS in your own music?
All 21 accompanying WAV files are available for FREE DOWNLOAD.
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