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reFX Slayer VSTi Virtual E-Guitar + AMP + Cabinet + FX
Virtual Software Plugin for Mac and Windows

reFX Slayer gets an 8 out of 10 Beat Mode rating.
"Very good product with many plusses. Highly useable!"

Beat Mode Review by Mike Liebner

reFX Slayer is a physical modeling virtual instrument that simulates the sound of guitar strings along with effects and amplification models.

Slayer is a monster! Massive feedback and sustain that you'd generally only expect from an electric guitar hooked up to a 100 watt Marshall Head or gigantic guitar amp with a stack of 4 x 10 cabinets. But it booms and it's a software instrument!

How does Slayer sound? In a word - WOW! Ballsy! Big! Huge! Humungous guitar with massive amp modeled sound. I never thought a keyboard could get sound like this into a computer. And the sound is sweet. Pleasant in all it's distorted glory! Sweet sustained solo notes and power chords complete with feedback.

Slayer actually provides a number of different guitar and amp models, some of which are not distorted. But hit that magic latch button and the sound sustains like crazy.

Slayer also does bass sounds as well as some other plucked string sounds. After diving in and exploring the presets and depth of parameter options I also found that Slayer can provide a wealth of booming drum and bass and industrial sounds. This specialized guitar emulation plugin actually has a few suprises tucked away.

Now Slayer's big distorted guitar power chord sounds may not be everybody's cup of tea. However it does offer up some variety of sound as well.

Slayer emulates three different pick-up types, which are still freely adjustable and in addition are combinable with seven string variants plus four AMP models and four cabinets for the correct sound are integrated.

Also 16 well liked effects, "Wah Wah", Tremolo, Phaser , Chorus and more.

Slayer is loaded with 64 presets and is very easy to use.

While not the holy grail of virtual instruments, what Slayer does is very unique and it does it well.

If you'd like to incorporate a little mayhem into your tunes, Slayer could be just the ticket. Check out the Slayer PC or Mac trial demo and see if it floats your goat. Also check out our MP3 sample loops incorporating some of Slayer's sounds plus we have a streaming MP3 demo tune I strung together rather quickly that showcases how Slayer can sound in a musical context.

Beat Mode gives reFX Slayer an 8 out 10 Beat Mode rating.
"Very good product with many plusses. Highly useable!"

Streaming MP3 Demo Tune showcasing Slayer - "Slayer Filter Fun" by Mike Liebner

Check out some of our loop manglings utilizing reFX SLAYER. 44 Loops!

If you'd like to snag WAV versions of any of the mp3 files for this set
visit our FREE LOOP PAGE

Click HERE to play all 44 of the below MP3 preview files in succession

mp3 audio file slayer-130-01.mp3 233k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-02.mp3 117k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-02b.mp3 117k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-02c.mp3 117k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-03.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-04.mp3 117k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-04b.mp3 117k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-05.mp3 117k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-06.mp3 117k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-07.mp3 117k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-07b.mp3 117k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-07c-bass-b.mp3 117k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-07c-bass.mp3 117k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-08.mp3 233k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-09a.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-09b.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-09c.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-10a.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-10b.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-10c.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-10d.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-10e.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-10f.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-11.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-12a.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-12b.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-12c.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-12d.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-13a.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-13b.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-13c.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-13d.mp3 59k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-14a.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-14b.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-14c.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-14d.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-15a.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-15b.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-15c.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-15d.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-15e.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-15f.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-15g.mp3 31k
mp3 audio file slayer-130-16.mp3 31k

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