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And now the news..... Reaktor 4.13 Update

Fixes in Version 4.1.3:

Improved graphics performance.

Audio unit version now supports MIDI-capable effects.

DXi version: synchronization problems fixed.

Problems with Internal Connections solved by completely reworked code.

Loading a bank of 128 snapshots and inserting a snapshot in such a bank caused problems.

Recall Snaps by Parent didn't work always for multiple children.

When recalling a snapshot for the XY module, the bank was ignored.

The Multi Picture module has got two additional inputs for better control in the incremental mode.

Copy/Paste of (info) texts now works (not available under OS9).

Batch conversion destroyed Internal Connections.

With a Snapshot module inside of an instrument, its edit buffer (last positions of controls), Morph Time and Random Amount were overwritten.

The Automatic Voice Reduction switch in the Instrument Properties did not show the correct state.

Renaming of files in the Recorder was buggy.

Possible crash with Create Control.

Possible crash with high number of voices when changing them.

Additional output "GLn" for the Grain Cloud and Grain Cloud Delay. It makes the length of the momentary playing grain available.

The labels of the Spread, Snap Value and Saturator 2 modules and the infos of the envelope modules are now editable. The info of the Grain Delay is no more editable.

Voice Info can no longer be switched to mono.

Several fixes in the behaving of properties controls.

Improved infos for several modules.

Corrected pitchbend range.

Fixes in Version 4.1.2:

With a Snapshot module inside of an instrument, its edit buffer (last positions of controls), Morph Time and Random Amount were overwritten.

Total recall was broken in the Audio Units plug-in.

DXi plug-in crashed in Sonar 2.2.

Reaktor 4.1 Update!

The most powerful REAKTOR ever - version 4.1!

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is excited to announce that the new REAKTOR 4.1 update is
now available. The latest version includes dozens of new features and
enhancements, making NI´s award-winning modular sound design studio more
powerful, flexible and convenient than ever.

New features in REAKTOR 4.1 include:

- savable screensets for managing individual window arrangements
- a batch converter for analyzing audio files and converting REAKTOR 3
- a new Total Recall system for saving all settings with a song

Automation, sample mapping, morph functions and graphic modules have also
been improved.

Furthermore, performance has been further optimized to make working with
REAKTOR faster and more convenient that ever before.

The 4.1 update for Windows and Mac is instantly available as a free
download for all registered REAKTOR 4 users.

For more information, please see

Reaktor 4 Updates Page

Beat Mode News - Native Instruments Reaktor 4 is here!

NEW! An all new Reaktor!

Vastly improved and expanded with many new high-performance features, REAKTOR 4 enters new sonic dimensions. Besides an even more brilliant sound, the new modules and interface elements, integrated browser, graphical sample mapping and new preset functions guarantee the highest level of comfort and flexibility. The new library, created by top sound designers, offers an extensive selection of instruments for nearly every type of application in modern music production. Hits the streets May 9, 2003.
More Reaktor 4 info from Native Instruments.

NEW! Check out the Beat Mode Review of REAKTOR 4 & SESSION

Native Instruments Vokator is shipping.

NEW! Native Instruments Vocoding Software!

Powered by an extremely high-resolution FFT spectral engine, VOKATOR defines a new standard for vocoding transparency, detail, and smoothness. In addition to an exceptional vocoder, VOKATOR boasts a sophisticated synthesizer and a granular sampler: a virtual sound-fusion laboratory. With advanced features and multiple modes of operation, VOKATOR opens vast new worlds of sound-design possibilities.
More Vokator info from Native Instruments.

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