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Native Instruments Reaktor 3.0.5 Update is now available.

Reaktor updates for both PC & Mac OS are available HERE.

New or fixed in Reaktor 3.0.5

Fix for unwanted muting of sampler modules when deleting soundfiles
Improvement for DXi plugin
Standalone on ASIO: performance problems (glitches) fixed
Recorder toolbox: properties fixed
Tapedeck: problems with Time output fixed
Small Faders and Knobs: Value format corrected
Problems with Poly Aftertouch fixed
Alert box for newer files now shows version
Main window caption was sometimes "Instrument - Properties": fixed
DXi plugin: problems with Sonar Version 1.3 fixed
New file format (3.0.5 files cannot be read by earlier versions)
Reads files written with all versions of Reaktor

Please note: On this REAKTOR updates page registered users can download an additional .zip or .sit file (Updated Ensembles) containing updated and enhanced "New in R3" ensembles.

New in 3.0.4

New modules (Auxiliary): System info, Tuning info, Note range, Midi channel, Audio from Voice, Audio to Voice
New: comments can be visible in panel
New options for bitmaps: Solid, Masked, Transparent (alpha channel)
New: Individual color settings can be stored with each instrument.
ASIO: If the preferred buffersize has changed since the last start, the changes are applied.
AKAI-Import: improvements and fixes
Global Recorder, Player: fixes (Looprecording)
Tapedecks: improvements and fixes (HD-recording, clip, wrap, time output, file selection, drag 'n drop)
Batch Analysis: fixes
Close buttons for the toolbar and the toolboxes of Player and Recorder
VST/DXi: When the host application asks for the plug-in parameters, a dialog box appears asking if the current ensemble should be saved (this happens in Sonar everytime you open the Reaktor DXi window). You have the following options: "Save", "Save as...", "No", "Save always", "Save never". The options "Save always" and "Save never" are valid as long as a plug-in instance is opened. Please be careful with the option "Save always" because you can easily overwrite ensembles accidently. If you select "Save never" you have to save your changes manually before you close the song in your host application.
VST: The window size and the toolbar and toolbox positions are restored.
DXi: A reference to the used ensemble is saved with a Cakewalk song.
DXi: MIDI channel, mute and transpose in a MIDI track are transmitted to the plug-in.
XY module can be switched to "Always active". This means: active even when there is no output connected. Fade Time 0 = instant fade-out
XY module: fade Time 0 = instant fade-out
MIDI output modules are always active
Improved response for snapshot recalls by MIDI
Stepsizes of zero from earlier versions are set to 1/127 of the range
Switch 2x2: fixes
Table modules: improvements and fixes
Faders, Knobs and Buttons: Picture can be switched off in the Appearance dialogue. The value can now be changed also by mouse actions on the value field.
Panel Lock now switches the full area of control elements between panel layout and use mode (Shortcut: Ctrl + L).
The keys "Home" and "End" set a control to the maximum or minimum position. The keys "Cursor left" and "Cursor right" set a control one step lower or higher.
Modules with Waveform View: improvements and fixes
Drag 'n Drop of files: improvements and fixes
Properties dialogue: display of Mono state fixed

Reaktor updates for both PC & Mac OS are available HERE.




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