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Native Instruments Reaktor 4.0.3 Update Info


What's new in Reaktor 4.0.3?

This update is focused on improving the CPU efficiency of Reaktor, especially on Mac.

Please note: If you have graphic errors with Reaktor as a plugin in Cubase or Nuendo under OSX, please update your Cubase or Nuendo to the latest versions, where Steinberg has fixed the problem.

Bugfixes in version 4.0.3:

- Incompatibilty between Mac and PC for the settings of the following Properties switches: 'Poly Aftertouch/MIDI Note' (MIDI In for panel controls), 'Linear/High Quality Interpolation' (delays) 'Good / Excellent' (Quality of Ladder Filter and samplers) If you correct and save the settings with version 4.0.3 they will be loaded correctly on all platforms.

- Incompatibilty between Mac and PC for the Curve type 'Sine' in the Properties of the Selector/Scanner, Distributor/Panner, Crossfade and Stereo Pan. Version 4.0.3 corrects this setting when the file is loaded.

- Cut, Copy, Paste didn't work in Audio and Event Table modules

- Terminal infos were not shown in the hints of Macro and Instrument ports

- Ensemble context menu: Ensemble Properties did not work immediately

- Drag & Drop of SD2-files over Map Editor lead to freeze

- Measure CPU Usage was broken in 4.02

- With OSX VST plugins program changes during playing sometimes crashed the plugin.

- Audio Table didn't work after loading a .wav file

- Grain Cloud module: Replace sample could cause a crash

- Nuendo, OS9: redraw error (blinking)

- DXi sequenced instruments were unstopable

- Hanging notes with loop cycle and sequenced instruments in Logic

- Pitchbend had only 7 bit resolution and a small offset

- Some of the MIDI Out modules didn't work correctly or were not completely implemented

Improvements in version 4.0.3:

- Reduced overall CPU load due to optimized graphical drawing routines

- Optimizations for higher audio performance on Mac

- AKAI import now available on MacOS 9 (on OSX it will be available in one of the next updates)

- RTAS plugin for MacOS X (this is still a public beta)

- MIDI Out modules for Start/Stop, Clock and Song Position now send events to the instrument's individual MIDI Out Port. They now work independently from 'Midi Clock Out' in the main menu which controls if the global clock events are sent to Ensemble's MIDI Out Port.

- Improved readability of the label of a selected instrument

What's new in version 4.0.2?

Attention! The file format has changed. Files saved by this version cannot be read by earlier versions.

Bugfixes in version 4.0.2:

- Several causes for possible crashes have been fixed.

- DXi-Plugin didn't work as (mono insert) effect

- Show Sorting / Measure CPU could not be switched on/off while Audio was stopped

- Router 1-M/M-1: "Min. Num. Ports" was buggy

- AKAI import could only read short samples correctly

- Bugs with Send and Receive terminals

- MIDI-Out-Controller in internal connections: label was not shown at receiver

- Wrong scaling for the Lamp as a sender in internal connections

- Problems setting Default value for Knobs/Faders

- Wrong behaviour of Buttons for the Default state

- In the Soft Takeover mode MIDI control did not work correctly

- Jumps in the Incremental mode

- Event mergers could have wrong polyphony after the import of older files

- Create Control was not possible for inputs of the Snapshot module

- Scope Properties: Max. Buffer was not editable

- Plugin: Instrument Function Properties: window control buttons were sticking

- Recorder audio glitches

- Instrument Appearance Properties: Choose color: "2D Max" was "2D Min"

- Polyphonies greater than 128 were not saved correctly

- Audio Units - wires could have wrong colors

- Automation Ids were inconsistent

- Elementary and Macro modules could be copied/loaded into the Ensemble Structure

- XY MB output was not working correctly

- Out-Terminal module could stick to mouse when dragging it

- Snapshot window: renaming snap and scrolling resulted in possible overlaying

- Reauthorization was neccessary after reinstallation

- Problems with file names longer than 31 characters on Mac OS

- There was a problematic "autoscroll" effect, when moving modules across upper/left window border

- Browser favourites got lost after update

- MIDI Out Sel.Poly AT: - Mono switch was superfluous - Range for Note-Numbers corrected to 0 ... 127

Improvements in version 4.0.2:

- Drag 'n Drop now also available for the VST plugin and in the background area of the stand-alone application

- "Snapshot Master for Plugin" : when Reaktor is used as a plugin this option allows to assign one of the instruments as the one that is accessable by the host for program changes. By default it is the Ensemble.

- Protected Mode is now stored with the Ensemble

- Ensemble label is set fixed to "Ensemble" - Instrument label for imported ensembles is set to "Master" instead of "[EnsembleName]" (changeable)

- New MIDI controller assignable to snaphshot morphing in Instrument and Ensemble Properties

- "Store by Parent": Append, Overwrite and Insert now work in the way that also for the child instruments a snapshot is appended, overwritten or inserted

- New option "Only if changed" for "Store by Parent": if the local snapshot is unchanged, Append and Insert do not create a new snapshot

- MIDI Out Controller: New option "Disable MIDI Out". No sending of MIDI events, if this module is used for internal connections only.

- No more automatic naming of input port labels

- More suitable mouse resolution for numeric controls in Properties

- Several context menues have been changed for better usability

- OSC Source implemented

- Maximum number of internal connections is now 256 (was 32), maximum number of OSC connections is now 64 (was 32). Message when exceeding the range.

CD or Dongle Request

The first time Reaktor is started, you will need to insert either the installation CD or the Reaktor 3 dongle. If you have upgraded from Reaktor 3 by download and therefore do not have the Reaktor 4 CD you will need to insert the Reaktor 3 dongle. If you change your operating system or computer hardware, you will again be required to insert either the installation CD or Reaktor 3 dongle. Please note that the Reaktor 4 installation CD cannot be copied. Once the CD or dongle check is made, you will have a 30-days period for registering the product.

Registration and Authorization

In order to use Reaktor for more than 30 days, the application must be authorized by the Native Instruments registration server. Registration can be done either online or offline. Please use the Registration Tool in your Reaktor applicaton folder (or Start Menu group) to obtain a unique authorization key for your computer. You will find a detailed description of the registration and authorization process in the interface of the Registration Tool.

VST Total Recall

When you save the song in your host sequencer, the path of all used Reaktor ensembles is saved in your song. Note that no Reaktor structural or preset information is saved, so in order for total recall to work as expected, you will need to manually save each ensemble as the final step before saving your host song.

Don't move the Reaktor Installation Folder

Please don't move the installation folder to another location. If you have to change the location, we recommend that you first uninstall and then reinstall Reaktor from the CD.

Compatibility with Reaktor 3 files

Ensemble, Instrument, Macro and Snapshot files that have been witten by Reaktor 3 are encrypted by the Reaktor 3 dongle. Therefore a dongle is needed to read such files. If you are a Reaktor 3 user, you can use your dongle also with Reaktor 4 to read encrypted files. Once an Ensemble, Instrument or Macro is saved once with Reaktor 4, it is not encrypted and can be read without a dongle.

Mac and PC Compatibility

Reaktor is fully cross-platform compatible across Mac OS9, Mac OSX, and Windows. Please note, however, that file names may not contain any punctuation aside from a parenthesis "(" and ")", dash "-" and period ".". Mac OS9 in particular is very lenient about allowing any character in the file name. Files with non-alphanumeric characters (or files including references to such file names for sampler, map, or table data), will not be cross-platform compatible.

Please note that the name of the Ensemble files must also end in .ens, Instruments must end in .ism, and Macros must end in .mdl in order to retain cross-platform compatibility.

File streaming in VST under Mac OS9

Audio file streaming to and from the hard drive (global player/recorder and the tapedecks) does not work with the Classic VST plugins. It does work with the standalone version, however.

ASIO Drivers under MacOS 9

Unlike earlier versions of Reaktor, in 4.01 and later the ASIO Drivers folder should be located in the Reaktor 4 application folder, not in the application package.

OMS and FreeMIDI under MacOS9

OMS is the only way to get MIDI in and out of Reaktor 4. FreeMIDI is no longer supported under Mac OS9. For Digital Performer users who want to integrate Reaktor instruments and effects, we recommend using Reaktor as an AudioUnits plugin under Digital Performer 4.0 and OSX.

Software Updates

Reaktor is a powerful and complex piece of software that is constantly being improved by Native Instruments. For optimal performance please make sure that you always use the latest version. You can download updates here.


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