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E-MU Xtreme Lead-1 - Rack Synthesizer Module review.

Roland SPD-20 Total Percussion Pad review.

E-MU Planet Phatt - Rack Synthesizer Module review.

E-MU Audity 2000 - Rack Synthesizer Module review.

E-MU Orbit V2 9090 - The Dance Planet - Rack Synthesizer Module review.

Roland D-70 - Synthesizer Keyboard Controller review.

Kawai K5000S - Synthesizer Keyboard Controller review.

Eventide DSP4500 Ultra-Harmonizer - Outboard EFX Guitar/Keyboard/Studio

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Check out our review of Native Instruments Reaktor 3

Rock Legend - Tommy Shaw Beat Mode article

Free MP3 music!

Free Electric Weasel Music Tracks

Musical Instruments - Emu Roland Kawaii Eventide & more!


Rekkerd Rekkerd


Styx Wallpaper - free wallpaper, pictures and video links to the rock band Styx.

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