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100 % Electro
Only the best electronic tunes featuring music from Digital Pump, Nathan Profitt, Melon, Bassic, Ryan Farish, t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l and much much more!

Hot Artists
Hot sounds from up and coming artists like Linkin Park, Afroman, Bassic, Ryan Farish and more! Great variety of tunes from all genres (except Country!)

The station that serves up a healthy dose of fresh electronic music. The one thing the artists have in common is: magnetism. All kinds of great electronic music! You'll want to listen to the tunes over and over again.

The electronic music you crave! 100% hot and tasty tunes featuring music from 303infinity, Dead Poets Society, Cyberscape, Lagoona!, Hermit Bastard and more!

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Best of Bassic + MORE!
Only the best 5 star songs from popular electronic artist Bassic, along with a tasty mix of similar tunes from other artists. Great playlist for first thing in the morning, or anytime you want to listen to only the best, minus any duds!

100 % Mellow
Mellow sounds from some of the hottest electronic artists! This station is mellow, but definately not wimpy! Electronic tunes you can set to play while you are at work or whenever you don't want to be distracted.

Electric Weasel Rock Station
The best Alternative Rock tunes on featuring Blink 182, The Offspring, Guardian, Silverman, Flickerstick & more!

Native Instruments Reaktor
Cool tunes composed with the revolutionary sampling synthesis software Reaktor. Wide range of tunes from experimental to progressive electronica.


Check out our free Atmospheric Samples - recorded using Reaktor!

Check out our review of Native Instruments Reaktor 3

Free MP3 music!

Free Electric Weasel Music Tracks

Free Tutorial Videos on VST Plugins!

Gwen Stefani Wallpaper - free wallpaper, pictures and video links to the sexy No Doubt singer.
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