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Beat Mode presents Free Loops Set 12 featuring Exciton

Original Audio Loops featuring Exciton Soft Synth
8 unique 16 bit .wav files with .mp3 files for easy auditioning

Exciton is a very sweet sounding VST Instrument. It is simple and dependable. It is not a CPU hog. It has it's share of beautiful unique sounding presets and does a terrific job at recreating some of those wonderful analog sounds typically found on hardware synths. Exciton utilizes Subtractive Synthesis (physical modeling of an analog synthesizer). .

You'll find 8 superb analog loops - medium length generally 7 to 15 sec aprx. They loop quite well. Tempo is 136 but they work well in Ableton Live and Acid even at extreme variations in tempo. Exciton can really sound fat. Very impressive.

Check out the MP3's and feel free to snag the WAV's you like.

Perfect for slicing and dicing.

Author: CREATIVE POWER - Royalty Free - Set 12. 136 BPM Audio Loops featuringExciton.
16 bit 44.1 High Quality Optimized WAV files 09-24-04

Beat Mode Exciton FREE LOOPS

Please note that the MP3 files are for previewing only.
The MP3 files do not loop seamlessly, but the WAV files loop perfectly.
So we suggest auditioning the MP3 files and then snagging the WAV's you like.

If you use these loops in your tunes please give us credit. Something like "additional programming by Creative Power "
or just provide a LINK to BEAT MODE -

Beat Mode free loops - utilizing various settings on reFX Slayer.

click the link to listen the mp3 sample CLICK HERE to audition ALL 8 LOOPS - It'll stream the whole playlist!

44 Original Loops by Mike Liebner, Creative Power - compliments of Beat Mode

mp3 audio file exciton-136-01.mp3
mp3 audio file
mp3 audio file
mp3 audio file
mp3 audio file
mp3 audio file
mp3 audio file
mp3 audio file

16 bit WAV file exciton-136-01.wav
16 bit WAV file exciton-136-02.wav
16 bit WAV file exciton-136-02b.wav
16 bit WAV file exciton-136-03.wav
16 bit WAV file exciton-136-04.wav
16 bit WAV file exciton-136-04b.wav
16 bit WAV file exciton-136-05.wav
16 bit WAV file exciton-136-05b.wav

Feel free to use them in your own tunes - please give us credit though!

Comments: These loops can be utilized individually, or combined to great effect. You may use these loops freely in all personal and commercial compositions. Please give proper credit such as: "additional programming by Creative Power " or simply provide a LINK to BEAT MODE -

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