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5-31-01 Author: CREATIVE POWER - Royalty Free - Set 3. 124 BPM Drum Rhythm Loops - & Filter Bass
16 bit 44.1 High Quality Optimized WAV files suitable for dance, electronic, acid jazz, trip hop, atmospheric, jazz & rock styles + other styles too!


MP3 files are 128 mbps and are included to sample the wav files.

01-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 01-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:42 334k
01-acoustic-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 01-acoustic-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:41 334k
01-acoustic-b-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 01-acoustic-b-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:42 334k
01-acoustic-stuck.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 01-acoustic-stuck.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:43 334k
01-filter-bass-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 61k
[SND] 01-filter-bass-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:47 667k
01-perc-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 01-perc-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:47 334k
01-perc-b-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 01-perc-b-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:48 334k
01b-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 01b-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:43 334k
01b-filter-bass-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 61k
[SND] 01b-filter-bass-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:45 667k
01c-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 01c-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:45 334k
01d-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 01d-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:46 334k
02-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 02-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:48 334k
02b-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 02b-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:49 334k
03-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 03-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:49 334k
03b-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 10:59 31k
[SND] 03b-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:50 334k
03c-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 31k
[SND] 03c-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:50 334k
04-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 31k
[SND] 04-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:51 334k
05-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 31k
[SND] 05-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:51 334k
06-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 61k
[SND] 06-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:52 667k
07-ride-me-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 61k
[SND] 07-ride-me-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:53 667k
08-ride-her-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 61k
[SND] 08-ride-her-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:54 667k
09-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 31k
[SND] 09-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:55 334k
10-ride-more-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 31k
[SND] 10-ride-more-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:56 334k
10b-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 31k
[SND] 10b-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:55 334k
11-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 31k
[SND] 11-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:56 334k
11b-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 31k
[SND] 11b-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:57 334k
11c-124.mp3 04-Jun-2001 11:00 31k
[SND] 11c-124.wav 04-Jun-2001 10:57 334k

Comments: These loops can be utilized individually, or combined to great effect. You may use these loops freely in all personal and commercial applications. Please give proper credit such as: "additional programming by Creative Power " or simply provide a LINK to BEAT MODE - http://www.beatmode.com

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