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Harmony Central® Main Menu
Harmony Central® Main Menu

Java Technology
Java technology is a portfolio of products that are based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should run on many different kinds of systems and devices.

KDE Dot News
KDE Dot News

R-Comp Web Site
R-Comp - Developers of Acorn RISC OS Products

Shareware Downloads at 5 Star
Downloads of Shareware and Freeware, the latest Software for Windows and PDA, Reviews, Top Downloads, 5 Star Picks, Free Newsletter, the UKs number one..

SSEYO - audio engine software : polyphonic wavetable synthesizer / software synthesizer for polyphonic ringtone / DLS / MIDI & generative music on cellphone, mobile phone or PDA. Alt Sp: Software synthesiser / wavetable synthesiser / polyphonic ringe
Audio engine software: polyphonic wavetable synthesizer / software synthesizer for polyphonic ringtone / DLS / MIDI & generative music on cellphone, mobile phone or PDA. Also Koan vector audio software synthesiser, generative music & ringtone remixer engines for SMS & EMS & MMS & email. Alt Sp: Software synthesiser / wavetable synthesiser / Polyphonic ringer tone / polyphonic ring tone.

The Sonic Spot
A comprehensive library of computer music and audio resources including the latest news, in-depth software listings and reviews, helpful articles, quality message forums and organized links.

T-Online - Service
T-Online - Service

Welcome to U and I software web site
ArtMatic is new kind of program,an Art Synthesizer, which makes it possible for anyone to create breathtakingly vibrant images, psychedelic animations, and even exciting new sounds. ArtMatic combines fractal and fractal-like images, random textures, gradients, displacements maps, and tiles in exciting ways not possible with any other product. MetaSynth opens a new pardigm in sound design and software synthesis

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New Beat Mode Review: Gravity from Heavyocity is a very deep, complex and innovatively scripted Kontakt sample library with a gigantic number of gorgeous sounding instruments suitable for most all genres of modern music with a healthy amount of sound sculpting and customization options to help create amazing and unique sounds within Kontakt.

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- MIDI Music - Audio News Software at Free Webmaster Tools : useful free software for webmasters. Links Page Cool Desktop Wallpaper : Free wallpaper to brighten up your computer's desktop!

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