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Cycling 74 MAX 4 / MSP 2
What's New in Max 4 and MSP 2

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Max/MSP is a digital & midi toolkit. The great plugin PLUGGO! was written in MAX/MSP.

Max/MSP combines the Max graphical programming environment with MSP audio extensions. Together you'll have close to 400 objects, the building blocks of a complete audio application development environment.

Sound Design

Max/MSP is a sound design tool that lets you experiment with techniques that other hardware and software have declared to be off-limits. Rather than accept the standard parameter ranges chosen for you by a synthesizer manufacturer or audio editing program, you can try any value and change it in any way you see fit.

So what are the new features??? Here is a highlight of what to expect in Cycling 74's MAX 4 MSP 2 software.

What's New in Max 4 and MSP 2

Version 4 of Max is the first major upgrade in almost five years, and brings the interactive graphical programming environment into the new century with hundreds of new features both big and small.

MSP 2 has an overwhelming number of new objects and capabilities. The new audio I/O capabilities open up new uses for Max/MSP in conjunction with other software and hardware. Plus major new objects such as poly~, waveform~, and filtergraph~ are the building blocks of incredible audio applications.

Together, Max 4 and MSP 2 provide you with close to 400 objects, 1500 pages of documentation, and 88 tutorials.

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Most dialog boxes in Max have been replaced with patcher windows that were created with new and powerful interface-building tools. This means you can use Max to redesign the interface of Max! Inspectors can be viewed in a floating window.

Floating-Point Scheduling

Max's scheduler is now accurate to the resolution of the timer you're using, and all timing objects operate in floating-point milliseconds. When synchronized to the audio processing in MSP, the Max scheduler executes with a precision as high as two samples.


Simple scripting commands can create, connect, move, hide, and delete objects in a patcher.


The new Extras menu lists all patchers dropped into the new extras folder. Max includes a number of useful tools you'll want to use repeatedly, and we expect many more to appear as Max users imagine new ways to customize their environment.

Editing Improvements

Color patch cords Audio and event patch cords can be one of 16 standard colors. Don't like our 16 standard colors? Use the Edit Colors window to choose your own.

Contextual menus

You can control-click on an object, patch cord, or patcher to set properties such as color, visibility, and layer. Other contextual menus let you create new objects and set global patcher properties.
Background layer

Objects can be moved into the background where they are out of the way of patcher editing. The background or foreground can be hidden while editing, as well as the object palette and all patch cords.
Origin control

You can save and restore the top-left position of the patcher window (very useful when creating bpatchers or plug-ins).

MSP Performance Improvements

G4 Velocity Engine (Altivec) vector optimizations of operators and FFT-based objects
Signal vector size can be as low as 2 samples
512 virtual I/O channels, dynamically remapped to audio device channels

More info on the new features of MAX/MSP can be found at Cycling 74's web site.

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