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Creative Power is a Multimedia Production company located in Studio City, CA and is owned and operated by Mike Liebner.

Multimedia services offered include photography, web design, graphic arts design, internet commerce, videography, music & soundtrack composition, search engine optimization, link exchange management and web consultation.

Creative Power Photographic Portfolio is available at OMP - Creative Power.

The Creative Power Entertainment Information Web site has Forums and Galleries for your enjoyment. Come post your photos or join in on the discussions.

Feel free to contact Creative Power at (310) 734-1574 or via email at

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arpeggiators - the Beat Mode definition:

An arpeggiator is a tool/feature available in some hardware synthesizers and also in software form, which allows the user to play alternating notes or chords automatically based on input, most often from a midi controller. An electronically created arpeggio. Arpeggiation is also available in some sequencer software and virtual instruments.

Arpeggiators range from simple preset up and down patterns to complex & user controllable patterns.

Arpeggiator patterns are particularly popular in Techno and Dance music, but actually date back to the earliest of analog synthesizers.

Arpeggiators are also available in more sophisticated forms such as the Interactive Phrase Synthesizer (ISP for short) feature in Steinberg's Cubase software sequencer programs. Many enhanced options are available for the tweaker with the ISP feature allowing the programming of complex chords and patterns.


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