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If you want your web pages to be included in our recommended sites directory, you must provide all the required information in the form below and you must provide a visible reciprocal link to our site.

Before listing your site, make sure you have a reciprocal TEXT link to Beat Mode somewhere on your site that can be seen by your visitors. Please don't waste our time and make us look for the link. Put us on a quality page and we will return the favor.

The TEXT link to our site must be displayed on a page which is accessable from your home page and must be standard LINK TEXT such as Beat Mode Free Loops or Beat Mode Free Music Downloads (best yet - include a description after our link - see below for suggestions). That way the search engines will know what our site is about. A description adds extra relevance.

It's easy to link to us - simply copy and paste one of the 4 html link codes below on your web page. If you give us a description we'll do the same for you!

You are also invited to link directly to any of our web pages, such as articles and reviews. As long as it is a good link with a title other than the URL, we will be happy! (Please don't link to us as - please use our name or some keywords about the page you are linking!)

option A:

<a href="">Beat Mode Free Music Downloads</a>

option B (whichever LINK text you prefer!):

<a href="">Beat Mode Free Loops</a>

option A with description (we'd really appreciate a description!):

<a href="">Free Music Downloads</a> Beat Mode free music loops and music making software reviews.

or option B with description (descriptions help with relevancy you know!):

<a href="">Free Loops</a> Beat Mode free music downloads and music software reviews.

We would be happy to put your link on a high quality well ranked page if you place our text link on your home page, or a particularly busy page on your site. We have a lot of traffic and you will get some quality visits from Beat Mode music enthusiasts.

Please do not submit your site if it is still under construction, not yet indexed by any search engines, or banned by any search engines.

Sites that contain any kind of illegal activity will not be accepted.

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* Notice: Due to severe spam abuse of our "add url submission script" we are now reverting back to our old form script which will send your data via email. Somehow it seems every outlaw webmaster had found our submission form and were using it to send marketing messages (not link submissions) clogging up our in box and making it difficult to review the REAL LINK SUBMISSIONS. Several hundred "fake submissions" every day without reciprocal links was simply too much for us to process. The old form works just fine and hopefully prevents automated submissions. We apologize for any delays in getting links up on our pages and hope this old system allows us to link you faster (like we used to!). If anyone knows of a solution to prevent automated spam submissions using a mail form cgi - please let us know :'> Thanks! Happy linking! Beat Mode

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