Heavyocity Grid II Synth Sequencer for Reaktor


Looking for an inspiring sequenced instrument with a playable synth?

Then you will want to check out the latest offering from Heavyocity called GRID II.

Grid II is an 8 voice synth sequencer for Native Instruments Reaktor from Heavyocity. It was made  in partnership with Icebreaker Audio.

Unlike most sequenced instruments, that are either based on triggering individual sounds (like drum machines), or triggering different notes from one sound source (like a sequenced synthesizer), GRID II takes a hybrid approach.

Watch the GRID II Overview Video

Listen to GRID II Audio demos

Its two main modes enable use as both a sequenced instrument and a played synth, though it is neither directly designed for percussion, nor melody. Though GRID II produces a wide array of electronic sound sources — from synthetic drums to morphing synths, from glitched noise to pulsing drones — the instrument wasn’t designed to be used as a tool to get a job done.

GRID II was designed for discovery, for experimentation, and for creativity. This was the fundamental concept behind GRID II – that it can be whatever you make of it.

  • Reaktor 5 Full Version 5.9.3 or higher required.

More info on GRID II at the Heavyocityy website

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