Free Kontakt Instruments from Rhythmic Robot Audio

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Want some fully featured Kontakt Instruments for free?

The freebies list at Rhythmic Robot Audio has a number of cool looking Kontakt Instruments available for free download.

There are quite a few! Check them out!

Commodore 64 Sessions Deluxe

Commodore 64 Sessions Deluxe FREE is a Commodore 64 SID-chip synthesiser.

Another beast of a mid-80s computer that punched above its weight in the audio stakes, thanks to the inbuilt SID chip. The SID has rightly gained a real cult following and reputation for pushing the boundaries of what was possible for a home computer of the time. While the Atari ST’s built-in MIDI cornered the market in pro-audio, the C64 faced off against the likes of the BBC B and the Spectrum in the consumer and education fields, and – musically speaking – trounced them. The SID chip gave it far more complex and versatile synthesis capabilities than its contemporaries, and keeps it near the top of any chipmusic aficionado’s hit list of all-time greats to this day.

The Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions Deluxe are a unique collaboration between Rhythmic Robot and those nice people at Bedroom Producers’ Blog.

Jacky Freeware analogue drum unit

Jacky comprises five combinable transistor rhythms with a warm, slightly gritty tonality, plus drive and compression controls to punch them up a bit. Individual drum hits are also mapped out for you to use. These sounds may not hold down a whole track, but they combine well with other sounds and lend a nice vintage vibe. Best of all, of course, they’re free!

More info on the freebies at the Rhythmic Robot Audio website

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