The Farfiso Syntorchestra from Detunized

The Farfisa Syntorchestra from Detunized on Beat Mode

Hankerin’ for sounds from the seventies? This sample pack might just be what you need.

The Farfiso Live Pack for Ableton Live and the Farfiso Universal from Detunized bring the sounds of the 70’s to your digital creation station.

The Farfiso Syntorchestra from Detunized is yours for around 13 bucks.

“Another goody from the early seventies. This purely analog stringer is a combination of a full polyphonic orchestral section and a monophonic synth.”

Listen to Farfiso Syntorchestra audio demos on Soundcloud

“For the library all possible combinations of mono and poly presets have been sampled to a total of 49 Live Racks that contain the original sounds.

The Farfiso Universal version delivers these presets in five common industry formats that are compatible with the vast majority of current DAWs and software samplers.

Additionally the Live Pack version features 50 more Racks that form a colorful library of vintage sounds elevated to the present.”

Farfiso Syntorchestra Specifications

Patches: 5×49
Samples: 637
Disk space: 280 MB

You can grab the Farfiso Syntorchestra from Detunized at their Live Pack page or download the Universal Multi Format Page.

Amazon Image

Amazon Image
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