Eventide Blackhole Extraterresrial Reverb for AAX, VST and AU

eventide blackhole beat mode

Wanna save 75% on the Eventide Blackhole Reverb?

If so you better hurry as this deal disappears after March 31, 2016.

The Blackhole Promo just $49. (regular $199.) is HERE (if it is still up)

OK – so I used to have an Eventide DSP 4500 rack a few years back, which I let go during my transition from hardware to software.

I’ve missed it. And to be honest I have had trouble figuring out what Eventide was all about as a company and what they offered in software. Such confusion… As a result I have stayed away, but now with the Blackhole being only $49. I am really close to diving in.

Maybe I should try the demo…. hmmm…

**** See my notes below – I tried and man what a huge HASSLE.

The Blackhole plugin is not your standard reverb but rather a creative sound design tool. It’s been gathering a cult following, especially among guitarists.

It’s a lot more verstatile than that, and if you watch some of these videos you’ll see what I mean.

Eventide Blackhole Features

  • Over 50 presets to inspire, including artist presets by: Richard Devine, Flood & Alan Moulder, Sigur Rós, Vernon Reid and John Agnello
  • Unique “Gravity” control allows you to invert the decay mode of the reverb
  • Mix Lock allows you to scroll through presets or settings while keeping the wet/dry mix constant
  • Flexible mono and stereo options for inputs and outputs
  • Kill Switch kills the input so you only hear the reverb, great for sound design and automation
  • Innovative Ribbon and HotSwitch allow for changing any combination of parameters simultaneously

While Blackhole does require iLok to manage registration, the dongle is not required. I know… it’s a hassle.

**** NOTE: I installed the Blackhole demo and it was a HUGE hassle. Create ilok acount. Create Eventide Account. Download Eventide. Download ilok Manager. Install. Reboot. And then after all this I am having trouble getting it recognized in Ableton Live. Other programs see it but not Live. And the PDF manual instructions are a joke. It’s referring to iLok install instructions that apply to USB dongle.

This confirmed the same feelings I had about Eventide being weird and confusing.

Installing a demo should be fun and rewarding so you end up buying. Not a frustrating time waster of an experience.

Wow. What a huge waste of time and large amount of frustration.

Check out the promo page HERE (if it is still up)

Check out the Blackhole Product Page at Eventide. They have a 30 day demo for Blackhole and other Eventide products. * Be prepared to deal with the iLok hassle though.

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