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Want some one shot samples of classic drum machines? Or maybe you’d dig some drum one shots from a modular system. For free?

If so, head over to the Minimal System Group site and download their free demo sample packs which are filled with wav samples from the actual packs they are selling (which are priced really low by the way).

I just downloaded a few of the drum samples demo packs myself and checked them out and the one shot samples are nice and clean and good for building your own mixed hit kits.

The only downside, if there is one, is that some of the freebie demo samples I downloaded from Minimal System Group are 16 bit mono (not all are 16 bit).

Ideally for audio snobs like me, 24 bit or better is the way to go, but for classic drums one shots 16 bit should be ok.

Here are a few of the highlights. Be sure to check out them all!

Modular Synth Drums Volume 1 is a drum sample pack that was born from intensive and great fun recording sessions with the huge Minimal System modular synth setup over a number of years.

TR-808 Drum Sample Pack – Recorded directly from an original Roland TR-808 we have created a sample pack that is ready to use straight away in your electronic music productions. The TR-808 used was mastered using high end outboard gear meaning this sample collection sounds as close to the original machine as possible

TR-909 Drum Sample Pack – At Minimal System Instruments we love the Roland TR-909 and have lusted after it for years, just recently we aquired one in absolutely perfect condition. The logical thing for us to do was to take it in to the studio and record a sample pack which retains the quality and punch of the hardware machine.

Analogue Drums Volume 1 – This massive pack was designed using a large array of classic analogue synthesisers and has been processed and sonically enhanced using a carefully chosen mastering chain to retain the warmth, shape, and character.

More drum one shot sample packs with free demos are here

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