Discover, Collect and Download Samples with Splice Sounds


Want to audition and download sounds from your computer or mobile device?

Splice Sounds is a new website collaboration with Loopmasters that provides a desktop app that allows access to a large library of sounds and samples.

You can download up to 100 files for their $7.999 monthly subscription fee.

Splice Sounds Features:

Unlimited auditioning
of samples
OVER 1500 Sample packs available
OVER 500k Sounds to browse and download
Unlimited auditioning

A new way to use Loopmasters sounds via a collaboration with leading music creation, backup and collaboration platform Splice. Introducing Splice Sounds!

Splice Sounds is a subscription service offering you access to the world’s largest browsable database of sounds with seamless integration into your music creation process. A first of its kind.

Splice Sounds provides unlimited browsing and auditioning of a growing library of over 500,000 royalty-free sounds from the world’s top sound providers. Loopmasters is its flagship partner.

Watch the video Introducing Splice Sounds on Youtube

Check out Splice Sounds HERE

Check out Loopmasters HERE

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