CS-40M Wav and SFZ Samples w Zampler RX VST Free Download From Yamaha Europe

zampler vst yamaha cs-40m-free-download

Free samples and a free VST sampler? Boy, that’s a good freebie!

Download Zampler RX for free along with 380 MB of samples from the Yamaha CS-40M

You get the free Zampler RX VST plugin, the CS-40M Wav and SFZ Samples for free from Yamaha Europe’s Facebook page.

Analog leads and bass sounds already formatted to use in Zampler RX VST (included free) or use the wav files in the samplers of your choice.

Grab it! It’s a cool free package of classic sounds from the Yamaha cs-40m!

The CS-40m is a duophonic 2-voice analog synthesizer that was introduced in 1979.

yamaha cs-40m synthesizer beat mode

More on the Yamaha CS-40m at the synth museum known as Vintage Synth Explorer

You also get Zampler RX

The Zampler RX plug-in presents you with VST and AU support. Besides REX loop and SFZ-enabled Sample oscillators offering Zampler RX a sound modeling at its best: the integrated multimode filter types lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop, and various combinations thereof are to choose from. And three LFOs, three ADSR envelopes and a complex modulation matrix bring life to the sound. the functions through an extensive effects section, in the tube saturation, two equalizer, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb Rounding refine every sound.

The clever step sequencer is particularly complex, full with vibrant sounds a specialty of Zamplers.

Watch the Zampler RX Free Edition Soft Sampler Video on Youtube

Download the 380 MB Sample Package for Free at Yamaha Europe’s Facebook page – includes the wav files and the Zampler VST

What the heck are SFZ files?

The SFZ format defines how a collection of samples (so-called. “Sound Library” or “sample library”) is arranged to play. The SFZ format is free, simple, minimalist and extensible. Flexibility and quality are hallmarks of this format.

Zampler RX supported features of the SFZ format:

Samples of any bit depth (8/16/24/32-bit), mono or stereo
Samples with any sample rate (eg, 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k, 192k, 384k)
Up to 128 keyboard splits. Up to 128 Velocity splits

Visit the Yamaha Europe Facebook Page to get this freebie and all the future freebies they say they are going to drop on us

Grab more free sample downloads for Zampler RX from Beat Magazine’s Facebook page including the free pack for Roland S-one – 380 MB of samples


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