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Chromatix is a new Kontakt Instrument by Hideaway Studio.

It’s based on the classic Rhodes Chroma and built from playing around with over 1,000 patches. Sounds like quite an achievement!

The Chromatix sample library requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher.

You get approximately 1.35 GB of samples.

Chromatix Download Contents:

  • 1030 24-bit Samples
    56 Partials/Voices presented in 4 Channel Layering Engine
    75 Example Instruments
    User Manual
    Audio Demo

Seems like a real steal at just $25.!

Based on the quality of Kontakt Instruments I have bought in the past from Hideaway Studio I bet this is a sweet one!

You can get all of the details on Chromatix HERE

According to Dan Wilson of Hideaway Studio “This has been a tough project all round posing all manner of technical hurdles to overcome.  Not only was the restoration of the original source instrument a major project in its own right but the capture and manipulation of a significant amount of raw sample data and honing it into a final playable instrument proved to be one of the toughest to date.  I am extremely grateful to both Mario and Anders Hedström who rose to the challenge of  producing a new GUI with a very similar look and feel to Stephen’s past wonders.   I am also extremely grateful to Will Gregory who allowed me to sample the instrument which I became so besotted by I had to invest in one of my own!”

“Having sifted through and loaded up over 1000 patches during soak testing over 5.5 Hours of raw audio was captured directly from the instrument.”

Listen to the Chromatix audio demo on Soundcloud

Chromatix has a layering engine with 56 unique instruments.

“Naturally the example instruments packed with the library can be used as is but where the fun starts is having a go dialing in your own sounds using the intuitive layering engine. All of your creations can be saved as .nki instruments simply by using the save as function by clicking on the files icon in the main Kontakt control pane.

The layering engine consists of four identical programming panels and an effects section. This release is the first to use a recently updated version of the layering engine which has recently been revised to include separate velocity sensitivity controls for each layer.”

Check out the Hideaway Studio Blog at

If you’re like me, you’ll be glued to the page and keep reading on and on about all the great Kontakt stuff Dan has produced.

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